The Best & Most Motivational Videos of Jay Shetty


The Best & Most Motivational Videos of Jay Shetty

Posted on 02 July 2018

The Best & Most Motivational Videos of Jay Shetty

​Most probably you have seen his face somewhere before. Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and possibly every social network has shared his name a few times.

Jay Shettyis a motivational philosopher who has become one of the most popular faces around the internet since he started his channel in 2016.

He is a storyteller and a viral content creator. By working with what he calls ‘viral wisdom’ he has reached more than 1 billion views internationally.  Between some of his partnerships are Snapchat, National Geographic, HuffPost orFacebookamong others.

Born and raised in London, and after 3 years of monk life at the age of 22, he dedicated most of his time to collective meditation, philosophy and body control. 

It was then that Jay moved back to his parent’s house, with no money and needing 9 months to re-adapt to the world. During this period, some of his colleagues from the university were asking him to go to speak at their companies as most of them were going through important moments of stress.

Nowadays, Jay Shetty has been invited to speak at leading companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, Accenture, and Microsoft.


He has created several videos organised in the following categories:

Relationships .

Wisdom .

Inspiration .

Technology . 


We have selected a video from each section to share with you.  Do not miss the opportunity to take a look at these sources of Inspiration, Motivation and Self-Awareness.

If They Left You – Watch This.

From the Category of Relationships, we can recommend this video.  Even at your best, you’ll never be right for the wrong person but even at your worst, the right person will remind you of your worth.

Why Your Well Paid Job Could Be Ruining Your Life.

This is the video we have selected from the Wisdom list. Wondering why Jay’s wearing a pair of golden handcuffs? You might have a pair too…

Fail Like A Child.

AnInspirationalVideo to show us that we can learn so much from children. This is based on a real-life conversation. Share this with a friend who is having a tough time! 

We Create Our Own Reality.

A Video about Technology making a reflection about the eternal battle between Technology VS Humanity. (Artificial Intelligence)

Redefining Happiness.

Possibly the hardest to choose as this category has plenty of incredible motivational videos. 

Happiness is described as it is, or as it must be.

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