New Year Expectations Vs Reality

New Year Expectations vs Reality: Case No. 2020

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New Year Expectations vs Reality: Case No. 2020

A new year, a new beginning they say. Might be true, or not…There’s a high chance that you will start thinking “it is exactly the same as the last year” in a few months or, even worse, posting “2020 expectations vs reality” themed memes.

Don’t want to sound negative, but come on, you are surely aware of the fact that nothing is going to change unless you REALLY do something instead of writing down some new year’s resolutions AGAIN.

Now, do yourself a favour and listen to these wise words (hope it will work for us as well, fingers crossed).

They have been reputably mocked by people o the internet for the last couple of years and no one took them seriously. But now it’s time.

You need to change these 2 things if you want a change in your life in 2020:

Your view of expectations vs reality.


1- Your expectations.

You already started the new year with a highly ambitious list that includes eating healthy, doing sports regularly, not procrastination, learning a new language, traveling more, etc. etc. Didn’t you?

It’s not bad that you have better expectations about yourself, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of you actually achieving them. But there are also people, like me, writing the same resolutions every year and still didn’t get a result. If you know that you cannot afford traveling the world with your current salary, better don’t put it there. Same goes with the “I’ll lose 10 kg fat until summer” if you are going to cry over the bloated tummy you have after all the booze you had last night. In this sense, one thing is clear.

If you are gonna make a list, make it believable (I have just thrown mine away, let’s make the new year full of surprises). Just don’t put higher expectations if you don’t want to fail them. LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS to your size.

2- Your realities.

Because you probably set those expectations based on your observations of others. All those success stories online made you thirsty for your own, which is totally relatable, so you end up putting amazingly high expectations about yourself for the next year. But that was a very bad idea because they were not based on your analytics but others’. And then there’s this, we all make those comparisons in really bad timings, don’t we?

It’s not really fair to come across with those two photos next to each other proving a “before and after” success story of someone else while you lay on the couch eating chips and ice cream. Stories are everywhere trying to engage with you, just don’t be that engaged that much if it’s gonna affect your view of reality.

You definitely need to change your view about others and most importantly of yourself. Plan this year not too great or not too pathetic. You are probably just normal, which is good, believe me.

How to change it?

Start with your disappointments, the pressure on you. They lie at the bottom of your reality.

Accept your reality, and then you will not put any crazy expectations for 2021. And when you are free of the expectations, you can actually start your chance of “better realities”. Slowly change your daily life, routines, your job if that’s what you require and work on your capabilities.  

Well, that was it. Another wise post repeating the same wise words over and over again, no one listened yet. How many times you have posted something very pathetic under the tag of expectations vs. reality and made fun of yourself for the sake of some pity likes? But how many times did you actually tried to achieve your expectations?

Don’t worry, I also don’t know that I am no Jay Shettyor some other motivational speaker to make you “wow” and led you to take an action, but maybe one day you google “how to achieve my new year’s resolutions” and come across with this article that actually says “LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND JUST BE NORMAL” and be convinced somehow.

In summary: be unique by being normal… 

Here is my expectation from you: