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Anne-Sophie Kluwer

Anne-Sophie Kluwer


About Anne-Sophie

Hi, I'm Anne-Sophie from Denmark! I live here in Barcelona and am absolutely loving it.

I wasn't surprised though, since I lived in Brazil when I was younger, I always knew I wanted to live in a country with a Latin culture - as a previous professional dancer - being surrounded by salsa and bachata here in Barcelona is a dream come true!

I came to Barcelona after finishing my Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management at the University of Westminster in London. I came across Blu Selection on LinkedIn and was immediately intrigued by the company and the values that they stand for. After working now for 3 weeks here, I am happy to have discovered that what I saw was what I got! An authentic, honest, dynamic and human working environment.  

I am excited about this new journey and can't wait to see everything that we as a team in Blu Selection will accomplish #bluexperience

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