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Chloé Genries

Chloé Genries


About Chloé

Growing up in a city south of Paris, I have always been willing to discover new environments and cultures. 

So when I had the minimum age requirement to go abroad by myself, I did not hesitate and I jumped on a plane. Then, I spent six months in Australia continuing my high school education. I truly enjoyed the experience and it fostered me to do more. In this way, I took the opportunity to spend a couple of months in London and in Valencia to improve my language levels and to live European adventures. I honestly matched the Spanish culture and vibe so when the time came to experience an internship after studying a year at Emlyon Business School, I definitely looked for opportunities in Barcelona and I crossed paths with Blu. 

After a few weeks of being part of the team, I can assure you that I am pleased to discover and to live through the blu experience.

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