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Mathijs Driessen

Mathijs Driessen


About Mathijs

​​Growing up in a small town in the centre of the Netherlands, I have always had the interest to explore different cultures. After high school, I took a 4-month language course in the amazing city of Barcelona and I fell in love with the city´s wide variety of different cultures, its international orientation, amazing infrastructure and obviously the Spanish cuisine. Now, almost 5 years later, I am back in Barcelona for a final internship for my studies.  

With my work experience mostly covering the hospitality industry, I wanted to take on a new challenge this time. Noticing the difficulty and troubles of going through recruitment processes during my internship search, sparked my interest in the recruitment industry itself, a setting in which I could spare others the difficulties of recruitment by helping them find their perfect company match. When applying for the internship position at Blu Selection, I immediately noticed their unique approach to recruitment. Going through the selection process, there was a great balance between professional and personal oriented questions/interests, and I got more excited along the way.  

Now, finally having arrived at the company, I know I made the right choice as everyone comes to work with a smile on their face and is dedicated to truly making a difference in recruitment and making the #makethebluexperience happen!

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