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Ruby Zahira Muys

Ruby Zahira Muys


About Ruby

​For most of my life, I knew that one day I wanted to go abroad. I had big dreams and the small country of Belgium wasn’t big enough to fulfil them. After 3 years of Intercultural Relations Management, the final step of getting my degree was an international internship and here we are, in Barcelona. As my grandmother lived around 100 km North of Barcelona, I was drawn back to the city that I call my second home.

Blu drew my attention with their young and dynamic team, but what most stood out was that every single person in the team had a different background. Coming from a mixed background myself, it was nice to become a part of such a diverse team. They made me feel welcome and accepted from day one and I am looking forward to growing in this company not only professionally but also personally while making my own #bluexperience!

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