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We are Blu

Welcome to the Blu way of recruitment.

It all started in 2013... we wanted to do recruitment BUT not in the same way as it used to be before. Here we are today, still keeping the same idealist mindset on changing the recruitment scenery with a team consisting of expert recruiters delivering quality work. We are smaller in size but definitely more efficient and transparent in our services. We understand the importance of numbers in business yet never treat people we work with or value our achievements in a numerical system. We are not your regular recruiters and we mean it.

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Team Blu in a Nutshell:

Everyone here enjoys working on their own, bringing new ideas and initiative but we always put the team first. With different backgrounds and seniority levels, Blu team members are open to learning new perspectives from each other by encouraging others to share their unique approaches. That’s also how we treat our candidates and clients, with respect. We are professional, reliable and business-oriented but equally enjoy working with casual (sometimes even unusual) clothes and having fun in sunny terrace breaks and after-work drinks.

That’s how we do it!

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    Recruitment is a people business and that's what we love about it. By establishing clear and transparent lines of communication we strive to understand our candidates and clients better to provide a quality hiring process

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    Finding the right candidate with the necessary skills, background and mindset for a specific position requires expertise. Finding the right job that will fulfil one’s needs and nourish their abilities requires empathy and vision. That’s what we mean by Blu Selection.

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    We invest all the necessary time to learn the most about the companies we work with and our candidates beyond their CVs. Not random connections that could be lost on the way but meaningful ones to provide a healthy and long-term career path.

​Blu Values


We are all about supporting you every step of the way and making sure you always know where you stand. And we don’t just talk the talk.


Our team of international recruiters have got their fingers on the pulse of the recruitment world and know how to use that market knowledge to match the absolute best candidates with companies.


We know that there's so much more to recruitment than just a boring old CV. We're all about giving quality recruitment services to both businesses and candidates alike. 

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It's Blue without the "e".

Don’t ask why it’s a team secret.

Meet Your Recruiters.

From the very start, we will be there to answer your concerns or questions, whether it is about your next career opportunity or talent to hire. If you don't know where to start your recruitment journey, just contact us and tell us about your needs!