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Refer Your Friends

Networking is🔑!
So why don't you become the network?

Use this chance to inspire your amazing friends in a job abroad and earn 100€! That's a win-win-win right there.

Here's how it goes:

1️⃣ Spread the Joy:
Your friend got inspired by your drive for adventure and is also looking for a job abroad? Perfect! Refer them to us and we'll make it happen.

2️⃣ Share the Love:
Message us here and we'll set you up with your personal link to share with your friends and colleagues!

3️⃣ Watch the Magic Happen:
Our expert team will work their magic, connecting your friend with incredible opportunities. It's like matchmaking, but for careers!

4️⃣ Earn Rewards:
As a big THANK YOU, you will receive whooping 100€ after your contact has started working in the new position.

Make use of this amazing opportunity and give your friends the chance to build a career in their dream location!

Let's get started