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Embracing the Spanish Lifestyle: A German's Guide to Living La Vida Loca in Spain

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Embracing the Spanish Lifestyle: A German's Guide to Living La Vida Loca in Spain

So, you've decided to make the move to sunny Spain - the land of constant sunshine, palm trees, and a sea that comes with promises of adventure. It's not just a tourist haven; it's a place many Germans choose to call home. The proximity to familiar vibes mixed with the warm Mediterranean culture creates a perfect blend for a happy life. Let's see why Germans fall head over heels for the Spanish way of life.

Chillin' the Spanish Way

In Spain, tranquilo is the name of the game. Stress? Nah, not their thing. Punctuality, on the other hand, might take a bit of getting used to. If you set a social meeting for 11 o'clock, it's more of a loose suggestion. "I'll be right there" can mean you'll be twiddling your thumbs for another 15-20 minutes. But hey, no need to rush; stress has no place in the Spanish lifestyle. In business, this of course is all a different story.

Rhythms of Life

If you're a night owl, you'll love life in Spain! Despite sharing a time zone with Germany, Spain operates on its own clock. Lunch isn't a midday affair; it's a leisurely 2:00 PM event. And don't even think about dinner before 9-10 PM - most restaurants only open at 8 PM, and that's when the evening comes alive. While Germans wind down, Spain is gearing up for a night of laughter, hearty conversations, and delicious food.

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Olive Oil Love Affair

When it comes to food, think Mediterranean. Olive oil is the star of the show; it's not just an ingredient, it's a way of life. From tortillas to tapas, the Spanish aren't shy about their olive oil consumption. Pro tip: stock up on that liquid gold at the supermarket - 5 liters should do for all your tortilla-making needs!

Vibrant Personalities

Germans may be reserved, but in Spain, it's all about "dos besitos," "abrazos," and a bit more noise. Laughter echoes through restaurants, and what might sound like an argument is probably just a passionate declaration of love. Get ready for casual body contact; in Spain, even strangers and business partners might get up close and personal.

Terrace Culture

Blame it on the hot summers, but Spaniards love the outdoors. After work, it's all about meeting friends, enjoying evenings in groups, and fostering a strong sense of community. It's a social culture that puts a premium on spending time together. And how can they not considering the weather and food options offered?


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Navigating the Shops

When it comes to drugstores, forget the familiar German names like Rossmann and dm. Spain has "drogerias," more like perfumeries, and you won't find the same variety in supermarkets. So, pack your favourite shampoo and cream; you might not find them in a hurry. The good news? Rossmann is making its mark in Spain, with stores popping up in Valencia, Sitges, and Barcelona (coming in 2024). The German community in Barcelona is especially buzzing about the new Rossman coming to Barcelona soon.

First Name Basis

Formality takes a back seat in Spain. Forget the "Dear Mr/Mrs" formalities; Spaniards quickly embrace familiar forms of address, breaking down barriers and promoting a sense of openness. It's a cultural quirk that contributes to the renowned Spanish generosity.

Work to Live, Don't Live to Work

The Spanish rhythm extends to the workplace. The workday starts later (around 9-10 AM) and ends later (around 6 PM). With this schedule, it's no wonder that the real fun begins in the late evening.

The afternoon siesta, once a sacred tradition, has evolved in many places, but the spirit of taking a break endures. Instead of a long nap, it might be a leisurely lunch or a stroll to recharge. The concept of a quick sandwich at your desk is alien here; lunch is a social event, a time to connect with colleagues and recharge for the second half of the day.

How to Make Business in Spain

The pace of work in Spain doesn't mean a lack of productivity; it's about efficiency, with a focus on achieving goals rather than adhering to a rigid schedule. Flexibility is valued, and you'll find that the Spanish workplace encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Meetings in Spain are a blend of professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere. While business matters are discussed seriously, don't be surprised if the conversation veers into personal territory. Building relationships is key, and mixing business with a touch of personal connection is the Spanish way. In Spain networking and knowing people can get you a long way. Building connections goes beyond business hours; it extends to social events, dinners, and gatherings. Don't be surprised if you find yourself discussing work matters over a plate of tapas or a glass of Rioja.

Ready to Make Spain Your Home?

In conclusion, Spain offers more than just sunshine and sangria; it's a lifestyle that embraces relaxation, good food, and a strong sense of community. Your Spanish adventure awaits, and with each day, you'll find new reasons to fall in love with this captivating country. So, leave your doubts behind and immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of Spanish life. ¡Buena suerte!

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