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Top Dutch-Speaking Jobs in Portugal That You Cannot Miss Out On!

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Top Dutch-Speaking Jobs in Portugal That You Cannot Miss Out On!

You may have seen the typical yellow trams of Portugal, driving in the old town of Lisbon, now is your chance to go see them live! We collected the ultimate jobs for Dutch speakers to make Portugal your new home. 

Do I Need To Speak Portuguese For This?

Most people ask themselves: do I need to speak Portuguese to work in Portugal? The answer is, NO. Many multinational companies have their locations in Portugal, and we don’t blame them. The views and weather are incredible and who doesn’t like a new adventure in a country like Portugal? So is the Dutch language enough to work in Portugal?  YES! Companies are looking for Dutch speakers as points of contact for Dutch clients. Below you can see the most common Dutch positions: 

Customer Service

Customer support jobs in Portugal are available in various sectors like retail, hospitality, and technology. Wondering if you’re cut out for a customer service job? Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are key. Plus, being multilingual is a huge asset, especially in tourism-related positions. As a customer service representative, you connect with customers and help them with their questions. The job also has bigger career chances, from team leader to managerial roles. 

Jobs in Portugal

Technical Support

In Portugal, there are multiple industries where you can find technical support jobs, for example, in IT, telecommunications, and software development. Wondering if you're a good fit? If you’ve got strong technical skills, relevant experience in the field, and effective communication skills, then you're ideal for the job! Your main task will involve assisting customers, explaining products, and resolving technical problems they encounter.

Information Technology

In Portugal, the tech scene is booming, with plenty of opportunities in fields like software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and technical support. Companies are on the lookout for skilled professionals with solid technical abilities and relevant experience in their chosen areas. Plus, the startup scene is thriving, making it a great time for foreigners to explore IT jobs in Portugal.

Digital Marketing

In Portugal, the digital marketing scene is on the rise, with companies actively seeking Dutch speakers to handle campaigns, analyse data, and interact with customers online. There's a wide range of opportunities in SEO, social media management, content creation, and digital advertising, making it an exciting field for Dutch speakers. If you're creative, analytical, and fluent in English and Dutch, you can kickstart your career in Portugal's digital arena, shaping online experiences for brands and consumers.

Jobs in Portugal


If you're Dutch-speaking and looking to dive into sales, Portugal offers plenty of opportunities. Dutch-speaking sales pros excel in Portugal's vibrant sectors like retail, tech, and tourism. With its diverse markets, Portugal is the perfect place for Dutch-speaking sales experts to flourish and carve out successful careers. 

Hospitality And Tourism

Given Portugal's status as a hot tourist spot, there's always a need for hospitality professionals, ranging from hotel managers and chefs to waitstaff and tour guides. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, breaking into Portugal's hospitality job market can be a smart move.

Working in Portugal pros and cons 

Advantages of working in Portugal

  1. Quality of Life: Living in Portugal and being able to see the beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, and the relaxed way of living life is one of the biggest advantages. Whether you're walking through Lisbon's cobblestone streets or enjoying the beaches of the Algarve, Portugal offers a lifestyle that many find appealing. The Quality of Life Index agrees with us, ranking Portugal 7th out of 53 countries!

  2. Cultural Experience: Explore Portuguese culture and traditions firsthand by living and working in Portugal. From captivating Fado music to mouthwatering cuisine and historic landmarks, Portugal offers a rich tapestry of experiences just waiting for you to uncover.

  3. Work-Life Balance: Portugal is well-known for prioritising work-life balance, offering extensive vacation days and a relaxed work environment. Enjoy extended lunches with colleagues, peaceful evenings at local cafés, and weekends spent exploring the country's different landscapes. 

Disadvantages of working in Portugal

  1. Language Barrier: While English is widely spoken, especially in urban areas and among younger generations, daily life in Portugal might still require some basic Portuguese phrases. Whether it's running errands or handling paperwork, knowing some common phrases in Portuguese may come in handy. 

  2. Limited Job Opportunities: While Portugal offers opportunities in sectors such as tourism, technology, and hospitality, the job market may be competitive, particularly for non-Portuguese speakers. It's essential to research the industry and find a way to guarantee your future job.

  3. Salary Levels: While Portugal offers a lower cost of living compared to other European countries, salaries can also be lower, especially in certain industries. It's essential to consider your financial situation and lifestyle expectations when evaluating job offers in Portugal.

Jobs in Portugal

How to find jobs in Portugal for Dutch speakers

  1. Online job platforms: Explore popular job search websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Join which often feature job positions specifically for Dutch speakers seeking work in Portugal.

  2. Networking: Reach out to your professional network and online communities to connect with Dutch expats, local professionals, and recruiters in Portugal. Attend networking events, join social media groups, and look at platforms like Meetup to expand your connections.

  3. Language Schools: Consider enrolling in Portuguese language courses to improve your language proficiency and grow your job opportunities in Portugal. Language skills can significantly increase your marketability and integration into Portuguese society.

  4. Recruitment Agencies: Partner with recruitment agencies specialising in placing international candidates in Portuguese companies. These agencies can provide valuable insights, guidance, and job opportunities based on your skills and experience.

Ready to Make The Move?

Now that you have all the juicy information on the best jobs in Portugal, what it means to work there and how to actually get the job it’s time for you to take the next step. Start applying, networking and preparing because your life in Portugal is just around the corner.

Jobs in Portugal