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Welcome to our Download Hub!

We have collected valuable information to help you through the process of entering different countries. From legislations to local transportation tips, these guides will set you up for your arrival in Portugal, Spain or Greece!

Still working on your application?

Download our CV templates on Canva to easily create a CV in a structured and appealing design. Your application is mostly the first point of contact with the Recruiter or Hiring Manager and as we all know, the first impression counts. So let's make it count!

Your CV is the most important part of your application. Depending on your industry or niche it makes sense to adapt your CV design accordingly (e.g. creative designers should show their skills on their CV). We have created three well-structured yet modern CV templates for you. You can use these on Canva by clicking on the button below. These templates are approved by our recruiters and contain all the necessary sections that you need to show your skills. Please keep in mind, that your CV should not exceed 2 pages. It makes sense to adapt your CV to the specific job description and to keep the information to the main skills required by the job you are applying to.​

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