Seven Reasons Why April Is The Best Month To Spend In Barcelona

Why April is The Best Month to Spend in Barcelona

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Why April is The Best Month to Spend in Barcelona

​Most of the people are complaining about the weather, rain, cold… It is every year in April’s conversation. People don’t know what to wear, what to do, what to plan… What is happening?! Well, it is just April. This transition month that everybody hates. It seems like people have some unnecessary feelings against this month of the year. Probably because everyone is expecting anxiously the arrival of the summer and the beach time and April is somehow in between.

But why feel like this when this is actually one of the best months to spend in Barcelona?

April in Barcelona: A period of changes.

April of showers, May of flowers. That’s the saying to understand that this moment of the year is completely necessary for a green and colourful Spring. Forget about the weather and take a deeper look around. Everything is turning green!  

Days are also getting longer. Now it only gets completely dark around 8:30 pm, so you probably feel how your days are more productive, and you can do more things.

You can also start forgetting about your winter jackets. You can start leaving them in the back of your wardrobe until October – November.  

Restaurants and bars are now fully equipped for the ‘terrace season’ where you will spend hours talking, drinking and having tapas with your friends.  

Ok, it will rain, but you will also have days with temperatures up to 25 degrees, so get ready for it and plan something cool.  

Remember, in just a couple of months, the heat will be strong, very strong. And you will pray to have a day with the temperatures we have right now.  

Possibly the most important reason to love this month. The 23rd of April is probably one of the most beautiful celebrations in Catalonia. Saint Jordi is a whole experience to see the city as never before.  

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