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The Meaning of A Smart Casual Dress Code

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The Meaning of A Smart Casual Dress Code

You heard about Smart Casual before.

For sure, you have been in the situation. The words Smart Casual have appeared before in a conversation. Most likely when having an interview for a new job.

It seems like everyone knows what it is, or maybe a lot of people are good at pretending they know!

Does it mean to dress elegantly? Is it just taking the first thing you find in your closet? Something in between?

The literal meaning.

Let's first analyze the literal meaning of these two words separately:


1. Clean, tidy, and well-dressed.
2. Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.

Synonyms: Clever, Bright, Intelligent, Sharp, Astute, Chic, Modish, Elegant…


1. Relaxed and unconcerned.
2. Happening by chance; accidental.

Synonyms: Relaxed, Friendly, Natural, Easy-Going, Random, Unintended…

At first, it seems like these are contrary terms. How can you dress clean and tidy by accident?! Well, maybe the solution is in organizing the words and combining both meanings in the right way. You have to look relaxed and natural but keep an elegant attitude. A Smart Casual Dress Code is a place in between an elegant outfit and a normal one that you would wear any other day. It is true that is not easy to stay in this space. Normally people cross the line on one side or the other and there is real confusion.

Our definition.

If we use both literal meanings and we put some words in order, we found the following sentence as a concise description of understanding what this means:

A Smart Casual Dress Code consists in wearing a clean and tidy outfit showing a relaxed and unconcerned attitude.

If you are still hesitating about some aspects, consider the following tips to not be mistaken when choosing your style.

  • If you are not sure, it will always be better to cross the line of elegance rather than a too casual style.

  • Remember is not everything about clothes but also about complements and small details.

  • Ask for a second or even a third opinion about it.

  • Be comfortable and convinced. Remember you need to look confident.