People You Meet At The Office Christmas Party

7 Types Of People You Meet At The Office Christmas Party

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7 Types Of People You Meet At The Office Christmas Party

After a year’s worth of hard work, meetings and coffee chats you probably think you know your co-workers. Well, you don’t. You never truly understand a person until you’ve partied with them and the holiday office gathering is a perfection occasion for that.
A good combination of alcohol, dancing and the merriment of holidays will open the doors to a freedom of expression, usually constraint by the working environment. We guarantee there will be a few memorable character, either for good or for bad.

If you’re one of those, then you will surely see yourself in these characters. If you’re not, you can learn about them and how to deal with them at the office’s Christmas party.

The Gossip.

Every office has that one person who enjoys sticking his nose in other people’s business.
This person can turn your night either in bad or good. The Gossip is an interesting figure at the work festivities, and must be approached with caution, as it is renowned to be a risky business.
When you talk to him/her, you better stick to some neutral conversation, and not share too much of your personal background if you don’t want anybody to know about it.
The bright side is, The Gossip can keep you entertained for hours. He/she got a head full of secrets that has been hoarding all year and you can guarantee they’ll be spilled after exactly 2.5 drinks. Stand by.


The Workaholic.

These people just won’t stop talking about work issues even when everybody is just trying to loosen up after the whole working year.

It’s okay, they love their job, they worked hard for that and are totally devoted to their profession. I would say it is kind of a gift. That said, it is Christmas, festivity is all around and last thing we all want to do is discussing how the next year will be from a professional point of view.


The Surprise Party Animal.

He’s the quiet one, he socialises but he’s not really the life and soul of the party.
But in this night, you will discover a whole new character. He’s going to spread his wings and set himself free after the first/second drink.
He will take the party by storm and shock the masses showing a side of themselves which is really rarely seen.


The Shot Enthusiast.

There is always somebody who can’t wait to start pouring shots and get everybody totally drunk. No matter what kind of booze it will be, he will surely show up at the right moment ready to get everybody wasted. This type of character usually doesn’t join the drinking. His purpose is indeed get everybody enough drinks in order to be able to enjoy the slow decline of the other coworkers from a privileged point of view, the sober one.


The One Who Just Can’t Handle It.

This is a special one. Every work party has (at least) one person who gets a little ahead of themselves each year.
They are excited, racing into the night as if it were the last day of humanity. You can spot them easily as they will start a hard drinking claiming they perfectly know how to handle it. They are, in essence, the children at a birthday party who had too much cake and is about to pass out before everyone else.


The Hawk.

He’s been waiting for this moment the whole year. He likes to analyse and study the details in the office’s human behaviour. That’s why at the Christmas dinner he will quietly sit in a corner watching every move.

Watch out for this one on Monday morning. The Hawk will cautiously observe everybody and report what happened to the office on Monday.


The Emotional Drama Seeker.

No festive occasion passes without this person getting into a tearful argument or clarify about something happened at last year’s Christmas party that made him feel really bad. They are going to start a conversation about how devastated they feel because of something a co-worker said.
It won’t be Christmas without him, but try not to spend too much time with him if you don’t want to have your cheerful mood ruined.