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4 Reasons That Will Convince You to Relocate to Brno

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4 Reasons That Will Convince You to Relocate to Brno

This city in Europe made a distinguished name for itself recently. Yes, you guessed it right, I’m talking about one and only Brno!

The second biggest city of the Czech Republic, Brno, has become the new trendy destination point in many people’s Interrail routes, Central Europe tours, Erasmus+ experiences and job searches. Do you know why? Read on.

This is why you should plan to move to Brno:

Brno is Alive!

The city might have around 400.000 population but definitely feels like it has more with the number and diversity of events, festivals and night crowds. If you think your calendar will allow you to binge-watch Netflix series all week long in this small city, you are mistaken.

As a vibrant university city, Brno has been regarded as one of the best options in Europe to have a great study experience with international vibes, and plus, it has been regarded as a night city with a great drinks scene. Did we mention it has the best Pilsner beer in the world?

Hosting Moto GB championships, concerts, festivals, cultural events and its unique firework competition (Ignis Brunensis), Brno is nothing but full of life.

Brno is Beautiful!

Hometown of the famous author, Milan Kundera, the city is not just a cultural centre with its events, but also with its architecture. It has countless historical sites including Vila Tugendhat which is protected as a UNESCO heritage and just serves you an amazing sight.

Besides its authentic look, the locals and expats enjoy the city most in its natural areas. Giving many shades of green, the parks of Brno might be the reason for your new picnic addiction.

Brno is Europe!

With its international vibe, it is a typical European city, not a touristic metropole but the perfect place to live.

At the very heart of Europe, and just around two hours’ drive from Prague, Brno can be your starting point for many travel plans around Europe. You can enjoy the cheap cost of living compared to the many European cities surrounding it while enjoying your daily life at its best with the newest hipster cafes, bistros, bars and more.

Brno is Opportunity!

And if you think “why should I even consider living in Brno” it means you have no idea about the latest innovative businesses already settled and searching for new talents with attractive offers.

Brno became one of the cities welcoming IT Specialists hired from all around Europe and giving great opportunities for its own students. If you want to become a part of one of these new profitable businesses, check out our offers!