Beat Post Vacation Syndrome

Be Smart and Beat the Post-Vacation Syndrome

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Be Smart and Beat the Post-Vacation Syndrome

Do you feel that there is something different lately? More people, more cars and bikes, all that traffic and some stressed faces around in the pavement… It is here. The post-vacation syndrome is here for all of us. It’s almost mid-October and for Europe, it means that there are not many people left who didn’t use their summer holidays yet. If you feel depressed it’s mostly because of what we call the post-vacation blues.

Most of the people in Spain are taking their holidays in August. If you live in Barcelona as we do, this means that you have probably noticed how everything was less crowded, some stores were closed and sometimes even the workload was not as usual. But in the transition September-October, everything is back just in time we get used to tranquil life of sunny summers in Barcelona. People who still have their holidays are still concentrated on the beach but now for you and most of us the routine is here again.

Definitely not the best period of the year. However, we want to show you that not everything is negative, and there is actually a cure for this. Keep reading and find some tips to survive this period.

How to Beat Post-Vacation Blues: 6 Tips and Reminders

Avoid being in a rush.

Suddenly it seems like every morning is a race to see who will be the first one taking the empty seat on the subway or the first one getting the last bike. If you imagine this as a race, be smart. There is no rule saying that you cannot leave your place 10 minutes earlier. Instead of having the time measured, try to have a gap always in mind and you will avoid an unnecessary crisis that will make you start the day with negativity and stress. Try walking and having enough fresh air before going into the office and plan your day to avoid any last-minute stress.

Stay human and polite.

We know… it seems like sometimes people leave their humanity behind for getting a seat in public transportation. You are back in the ordinary city life where people can be a bit individualistic and fast-paced. Just take a breath and do not act like them (ideally never, or at least not right away).  If you get into the bad sides of the metropolitan life just after your vacation you will hate being a part of this endless chain of daily misery. Break the chain and stay cool, just like on your holidays. Offer your place to people who need it more and you will start a brand new different chain. Be human and you will get paid with a few smiles giving you extra positivity in the morning.

Connect with your loved ones.

You need some company to replace the happiness you felt in your vacation that seems like lacking in your life now. Arrange dinners and weekend getaways with your friends and family and join your colleagues for after-work. Don’t stay alone if you feel depressed and remind yourself of the positive aspects of city life where you can enjoy various activities with your loved ones. This might also be a good time for you to meet new people to discover the parts of the city that you have never seen before. Who said that you can’t be a tourist in your city?

Stay fresh and updated.

It is okay if you are need of oxygen more than ever. You probably enjoyed your time out during your holidays and now being stuck in the office might lead you to feel a bit claustrophobic. Try to have daily walks, go to the beach while the weather still allows you to relax on the sandy beach and while at home make sure you leave the windows open to let some fresh air fill your room. If you can plan your meetings with your friends at a rooftop party, a restaurant with a terrace or picnics at the park to catch up while enjoying the fresh air. Also, don’t forget to check the news and get informed about what is happening around you, you might have missed a lot!

Clean and organise.

If you were not careful enough to plan your post-vacation and to make your cleanings to return into a peaceful environment this is probably the thing demotivates you most. There’s no escape from this, just clean your agenda first and schedule the necessary time for this step. Organise your living area, declutter your mess, make some changes to change your state of mind. Don’t forget to clean your work emails and agendas so you feel more focused and motivated in the office for your upcoming projects.

Look in front and ahead.

Yes, we have two tips for you here. It is okay that you just want to check your phone, scrolling down or swiping right on social media while listening to music through your headphones. You can still do it but do not forget to look at what is in front of you both literally and metaphorically. You are back in real life and you need to adjust yourself. No more checking holiday photos of others and reminding yourself about the post-vacation blues you feel every day. If you can start thinking about your next holiday and plan it. So many good days are ahead of all of us, think about Christmas, Easter and next summer already. If this is not enough open your calendar and fill it with your favourite upcoming events. This will make you happy, it always does. Why not find a new activity, hobby or practice that will spice up your routine as well?

Appreciate your vacation but also remember all those good times you spent in the city and make new memories. One is nothing without the other, we need that balance. Positivity is the best cure for stress, be strong and beat the post-vacation blues!