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It is Always Black Friday in Recruitment

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It is Always Black Friday in Recruitment

​A lot of people were waiting for it and it is finally here. If you are reading this you probably know what this day is about. Black Friday has arrived. At this point, you have probably already received about 10 emails from the main companies just to be informed of the deals they will have. And of course, you have seen the word Black Friday around 50 times as a minimum this week. The American tradition has been growing a lot during the past years and both, products and services companies prepare this day carefully.

As a tradition, small, medium and especially big businesses, offer very specific offers to the customers in order to anticipate all the Christmas shopping activities. A lot of people really take advantage of this day and they buy all the presents now. In this way, you can avoid the stress, last-minute rush and, most importantly, crowded places during the Christmas period (if you can survive the physical shopping stress of Black Friday but #tgibf there are online sales as well!).

On the other hand, it is also a good opportunity for the second type of customer. Those who were already thinking for a while to buy a specific product. If they are lucky, they can do it on this day and get a good discount on it.

And then there is a third type of customer this day. Probably the majority. Those who had no plan of buying anything but get attracted by discounts and marketing campaigns. While you are thinking about which category you would fit better, let us move on with where you can find the Black Friday deals this year.

Black Friday deals in products.

This is probably the most common way to get attracted. During these days, product selling companies offer very attractive discounts on most of their items. Be realistic, and assume that we are very sensitive to all the information we receive. I would say that the only way to avoid the temptation would be by staying at home the whole day, but still, you would probably go and buy something online justifying yourself “but it is 2 for the price of 1”.

Instead of this, what you can do is be realistic. Before you go and buy something just stop, think twice, and ask yourself if you really need that right now.

Black Friday deals in services.

Not only companies selling products are offering attractive deals these days. If you look around, you will see how service companies also joined in the tradition one by one to attract their customers and cope with the competition.  Restaurants, hotels, flight companies… they all are offering discounts or special offers for you.

Just be careful with this. Compared to the previous ones, these ones can be trickier. Remember that if you buy a scarf only for its discount and you regret it afterwards, you can always go with your ticket and get your money back. However, if you get tempted by the deal of a flight company and you buy impulsively a ticket, you will normally don’t have the possibility of a refund. Think about it carefully, and do not buy something emotionally!

Black Friday in recruitment.

What about the recruitment industry? That’s why you are here reading this post, right? Here’s a shocking twist, we have no possibility to offer special deals for our candidates. As we are speaking about jobs and career opportunities, it is not easy to offer a “discount” in this area. Especially for candidates who do not have to pay for our service in any condition.

However, as every company is doing a promise to their customers on Black Friday, we’ll participate in this as well. During this period, you really want to be smart in choosing the best deal so the next day you can say and feel that you had a good experience.

At Blu Selection, we can promise you the same. Not in this week, but actually the whole year. What we deliver is not a product or a service, but a whole experience. We have a commitment to you since the day you get in touch with us. No regrets, 100% discount if you want to call it that way.

If you are looking for the best deal in recruitment this Black Friday. It is time to get in touch with us and start to #makethebluexperience!