Living And Working Abroad As A Lifestyle Justins Story From 4 Countries In 5 Years

Living and Working Abroad As A Lifestyle: Justin’s Story From 4 Countries in 5 Years

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Living and Working Abroad As A Lifestyle: Justin’s Story From 4 Countries in 5 Years

If you’ve landed on our site, you’ve probably thought about (or maybe still thinking about) living and working abroad for a good period of time. Great minds think alike. This is the idea that we have 24/7 in our minds as well.

For most of us, though, moving to another country and building a new life is an incredibly big decision that requires a lot of overcoming, courage, thought and preparation. You have to be willing to leave your comfort zone, be able to embrace a new experience and way of life, and build a new environment while you’re away. Often you face challenges that make you doubt your decision. A different bureaucracy to learn, new accommodation to feel at home, a new group of people to call friends and a new job to succeed at. 

Now imagine making that decision every year.

For Justin Scharrer, what seems like a mammoth task for others has become the most normal thing in the world. He has lived and worked in four different countries and five different cities in the last five years.

How did the international journey begin for Justin? 

We’ve all heard the slogan “work in where others go on holiday”. Justin may have found it more thought-provoking than others. “Where do others usually go on holiday? Exactly – on the beach. And it’s certainly not to be found in the city where I come from.” So in 2015 he started his journey to Portugal, followed by Malta, Cyprus, and Spain.

He has taken on this challenge every time and mastered it successfully and happily. All the experiences he was able to gather during that time are priceless and were more than worth the journey. Now he wants to use them to help others take the step abroad and gain a foothold there. 

In his e-book, unfortunately only available in German at the moment, he tells you what he has experienced over the last few years. He takes you with him to Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, and Spain — and shares his very personal tips and experiences with you that make it easier to start a new life.

“Getting used to a new environment and foreign language, building up a circle of friends and a social environment, only to pack his bags after a year or two and leave everything behind and start all over again. Make a career in a company and a little later work your way up in a new country, in a new company”. — Justin Scharrer

The most commonly asked expat questions answered by Justin:

  • How does deregistration and registration work?

  • How do you find a flat in Barcelona?

  • Can you live on your salary in Lisbon?

  • What do you do if you get sick in Limassol?

  • Do you have to have studied/learned anything special to work?

  • How do you find a job abroad?

He answers all these questions about living and working abroad for you so that most of your doubts get cleared away, your fears turn into motivation, and you are ready to write a new chapter in your life.

“So today, almost five years later to the day, I am sitting here writing these sentence and I can hardly believe myself what I have achieved and experienced. I am sharing my experiences with you because I know what it is like to be at the very beginning. With an idea, a plan and many big question marks in your head.” — Justin Scharrer

How inspiring it is! Find out more about Justin and the e-book here.

Does this story make you want to finally take the first step? Then apply for a job with us! 

Remind yourself: “Your future is just an application and a click away”.