A Quick Guide to Understand The Cost of Living in Barcelona (+City Guide!)


A Quick Guide to Understand The Cost of Living in Barcelona (+City Guide!)

Posted on 07 July 2021

A Quick Guide to Understand The Cost of Living in Barcelona (+City Guide!)

​A Quick Guide to Understand The Cost of Living in Barcelona (+City Guide!)

After living abroad for many years and having the experience of relocating to different countries, our team probably went through most of the questions you have in your mind. Working at an HR/Recruitment company where we constantly help people with their wishes to work and live abroad, we get the same questions very often. We are going to talk about one of them today: What is the cost of living in Barcelona? Good that we are living in Barcelona, we have the answer to your question!

How much does it cost to live in Barcelona?

Obviously, it is not a question with a precise answer that will apply to everyone and to every lifestyle. Like in any big city, normally you can adapt yourself to different ways of living. Therefore, while some people can maybe afford to commute to work by taxi every day, others would prefer to take the bike for instance.

 We have prepared this quick, visual and detailed guide for you to understand the cost of living in Barcelona before relocating here. You will see some ranges of pricing for different elements of life that you can expect to face in this metropolitan city.

The Rent of a flat or a Room in a Shared Flat in Barcelona.

It is very common to share a flat in Barcelona, especially for newcomers. Most of the people rent a room in a shared flat for 2-4 people. With an average price of 300€-750€depending on the area and with the expenses already covered. If you prefer to live around 30 minutes out of the city, you can even find cheaper prices and bigger rooms. We’ve seen prices from 250€.

On the other hand, if you rather prefer to have more privacy and your own flat, you can expect at least a minimum of €700-€800 and if we speak about a maximum, well, we’d say that’s up to you. Learn everything about finding accommodation in Barcelona here.


Public Transport for Everyday Use.

Barcelona has the advantage of having plenty of options when it comes to commuting from one place to another.
We are actually impressed with how many people are using very alternative ways of moving around.

The most common, probably the Metro and the Bus, in which you can use a daily or monthly ticket as well as 10-Journey pass called T-Casual. You can find a full guide of the updated prices of Public Transport in Barcelona in this link.
Besides this, bike, skateboards, electric boards and much more are normally another option to consider.
Find how you can move around in Barcelona from €4€ per month by using Bicing.


Food, Drinks & Supermarkets.

Let’s start with the morning. If you want to have a full Breakfast at a local Bar, you can expect an average price of €4. A cup of coffee costs around €1-€1,80, a freshly made juice will be priced at about €2.5 and a piece of cake, a sandwich or any other thing will normally cost about 1-3 €. Currently, the most famous places for a good breakfast are Granier, 365or El Fornetamong others.

If we speak about lunchtime, the first thing you need to know is that in Spain we are used to having lunch around 2-3 pm. Regarding prices, it is very common to find what we call the Menu of the Day, el Menú del Día. Restaurants prepare a full menu every day, and you can normally choose between different homemade plates. It includes a first plate, a second plate, a drink, and a dessert or coffee and prices will be from 8€.


As for dinner, prices will be between 9-15 € per person at a normal restaurant.

If we speak about Supermarkets in Barcelona, you will rapidly notice that there are plenty of them. Between the most famous in terms of price + quality are Mercadona, LidlCondis, and Carrefour.

Download our full Barcelona City Guide to learn more about the cost of living in Barcelona. If you still have any question, drop us a quick email, and we will reply to you within 24h!


Are you planning to move to Barcelona now? Take a look at the opportunities we have in Barcelona!


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