6 Stereotypes That Will Follow You While Living In Barcelona

The 6 Stereotypes That Will Follow You While Living in Barcelona

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The 6 Stereotypes That Will Follow You While Living in Barcelona

If you live in Barcelona for a while or if you just moved to the Mediterranean city, you will recognize the following ideas. People will associate them with the fact that you are living in Spain now. Do not worry, Spanish people we have learned to deal with it already, but now is your time to defend yourself and show the people that not everything is as they might think!

Let’s reveal here some of the most common stereotypes about living in Barcelona.

Topic #1

We actually work. We know there is a great sea a couple of blocks away from our office, but it does not mean that we work there with a mojito at the beach.

We just do this after work or during the weekends. And yes, it is great to work by the sea, but we do a lot more!

Topic #2

There are cold days here, the sun is not shinning 365 days a year. We can enjoy the beach season between May – October. However, the rest of the year we have cold temperatures too. Even some snow at a high point in the city this year. 

So yes, we need winter clothes too.

Topic #3

We don’t take a siesta while working. It is true that it is a long tradition in Spain. After lunch, we normally take a small nap to rest and to avoid the hottest hours of sun. This mostly happens on the weekends or when we are on holiday. 

In our daily routines, we barely have this habit. But of course, it depends on the person.

Topic #4

Churros are not normally in our diet. For us, churros are something we normally eat some Sundays with the family. It is not that we have churros every week. Probably we would not fit on our chairs if that would be true.

Besides, we normally have Churros and Porras, the plain ones. Those chocolate, dulce de leche and others are an invention for tourists!

Topic #5

We meet at 8 pm and everybody shows up at 10 pm, don’t worry, that’s normal here!

Not true! Another topic about Spanish people is them not being punctual. Of course, there are people like this, but you cannot put all of us in the same bag!

We can be on time too.

Topic #6

We don’t have a glass of sangria stuck in our hands, and we are partying the whole day. Contrary to what people think, life is not slow here.

We do have a life as well! We work, we go to the gym, we study, we have actually almost no time left! Barcelona is a fast-moving city and you need to adapt to the speed of life here.

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