How To Succeed In A Sales Role Play

How to Succeed The Sales Role-Play Exercise In A Job Interview

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How to Succeed The Sales Role-Play Exercise In A Job Interview

What to expect from a sales role-play?

The role-play will be a real case scenario where the interviewer will play the client and you will play the company sales representative. Sounds simple right?

The first thing to know when a company perform a role play is that not to forget that your performance will be assessed regarding the structure and the form of your sales scripts rather than the content of the call. You are not expected to know all the details about the procedures and details of the products/services of the company yet, you will receive training on this once hired!

It is less about providing the right content but more about doing it in the right way. That’s why you should be focusing on how you handle the person you are talking with rather than the technical sides of the product/service you sell.

Important to know before your sales role-play:

– Be aware of the different target groups and get ready for facing different client types but instead of assuming that everyone falls into certain groups try to understand them. Be curious!

– Talking a lot doesn’t make you a good salesperson. Listen to your clients, assess their needs and talk about the solutions.

– Time is limited. Research the company, identify the unique selling points and prepare a set of questions beforehand.

-Be yourself. Be professional and on point but don’t forget to smile and show empathy. Building a rapport is the key to a successful sales call!

With this role-play the company will be assessing if you demonstrate – or have the ability to develop – such skills:

  • Sales-oriented mindset

  • Professionalism and confidence

  • Communication and active listening skills

  • Being quality and service-oriented

  • Ability to adapt to different situations

  • Logical and solution-oriented mind

  • Empathy and understanding needs

  • Ability to handle objections

Once the role play starts, act exactly as if you were in a call:

  • Greet the client and present yourself. Tell them why you call and most importantly, why they should listen to you at the very first seconds of the call.

  • Ask open questions and make them talk. Whom are you really talking to? Does your client has time for this call? Are they interested in the product you are selling? Have they used a similar product before?

  • If it’s a cold calling role-play make sure you schedule a meeting with them at a better time and follow up.

  • During the call listen to them carefully and identify their needs. What are the challenges they have that you can provide solutions to? Tailor your pitch during the call and sell your product to their needs.

  • Does your client has objections? Be confident with your sales skills and the product you are selling. Try to understand if they have only slight hesitations or real obstacles. Show empathy and handle the situation with understanding.

  • Present the facts and features of your product/service, talk about the advantages of it and most importantly, tell them how they can benefit from it regarding their needs.

  • Close the deal with a YES!

What now?

Prepare, prepare and PREPARE!

– Make sure you know what the company’s products/services are about. Research more!

– Think of possible scenarios, role-play them and be adaptive. Practice makes it better!

– Don’t forget to work on your listening skills. Prepare meaningful questions to let them talk!

– Secret tip: Call the sales line of the company to experience their way!

How do you feel now? Can you nail that customer service role-play awaits you?

Feel free to download the sales role-play fact sheet we prepared on this topic below.