14 Office Personalities

14 Office Personalities You Will Recognise From Your Workplace

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14 Office Personalities You Will Recognise From Your Workplace

​Many of us returned to the office after the unexpected “go home” calls of the global pandemic, whether in a hybrid model or fully. Social isolation of those months if not years also resulted in having the “social shock” of sharing the same workplace with others. We are all working in different places, in different size companies and definitely experiencing different office cultures, however, there are some office personalities that you will recognise in a second if not in your current work surely in one of your previous experiences.

We’ve made a typical day scenario at a typical office. Now have a look at them if you can see one of your besties or even yourself.

The 14 Office Personalities You Will Recognise


You are just opening your e-mails, still sleepy but will get over it soon. The Energetic One starts the day as usual with her “GOOD Morniiiiing” songs.

All of a sudden The Ambitious One appears out of nowhere saying “I have an amazing idea guys, it’s gonna change everything”. Probably not, but you’ll pretend to listen to him as if he can. But The One with Different Mugs is not ready to start the day because “Coffee is not ready yet…”.


The doorbell rings. Can you guess why?

Of course, it should be for The One Who Gets Random Packages Daily “Aah, I’ll get it, should be the diet water I ordered online”. Really?

But it’s actually The One Who Always Comes Late, sorry I mean The Creative One saying “Sorry, I’m late. The Bus was hijacked and then…” OK, stop. REALLY?


You are in the middle of a very difficult task. But, it’s 28 minutes left to the lunch break. You don’t need a clock for that, because you have The One Counting Down the 480 Minutes reminding you “What should we eat 27 mins 13 secs later?”.

Nope, don’t start thinking about it, focus on your task. But also, cannot resist what The Salad and Avocado One is going to say, right? Take a guess. “I was thinking salad and avocado”. Before even you open your mouth The Sarcastic One is ready to get this one. “Whaat? I need a minute to process this ground-breaking information…”. Good one, lol.


After the lunch break, normally should be a siesta time but we’re back at work. Really focused this time, no one can interrupt it. Meanwhile, The Dreamer One cannot handle the food coma and dreams about drinking coconuts in Bali. Lovely.

Here goes the gossip queen, The Whispering One to whoever she can find around saying, sorry whispering, “I mean he seems like he is not here anymore, RIGHT?”. Unnecessary comment, because you already know where he is, in Bali.

The Efficient One, of course, already made her observations on The Dreamer One was taking a little bit of a nap but didn’t care and continued working shortly adding “Well, he completed 70% of his tasks today, he should be fine”. The conversation was not satisfying enough for The Whispering One, so she passed on to find another interesting story around.


You spend at least 39 hours of your weekly time with these people. Some of them are nice some of them you cannot even stand. But surely, you do not dream of having weekend plans with them. Or do you?

The Overly Attached One surely does when he asks “What are you guys doing tonight, tomorrow, Friday or Saturday? Thought we could plan something together” with a big smile on his face. In these kinds of situations, you can observe The Ghost Impersonator One in his most silent and unlively state. The way he ghosts The Overly Attached One has the power to make its own cricket sounds.


It was a very ordinary Wednesday. In case you didn’t notice which day it was, The One Working for the #TGIF Moments (who is the best friend of The One Counting Down the 480 Minutes is already getting prepared to leave the office in 37 seconds) reminds you: Yaaay! Already 1 day left to FRIDAAAY! Good luck with the rest of the week!


Did you catch any of your colleagues or yourself in this office day scenario? Let us know!