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How to Get an AFM Number in Greece (2022)

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How to Get an AFM Number in Greece (2022)

Are you considering relocating to Greece? We can certainly understand that. Who wouldn't want to have an expat experience in a country like Greece, with its rich history, status as the birthplace of Western democracy, Olympic Games, and theatre? You're not alone if Greece has already captured your heart. Around 1.2 million migrants currently reside and work in Greece, embracing the local culture, taking in the breathtaking coastline, and savoring some regional specialties. However, it would be a good idea to learn how to get your AFM before you pack your bags and head to the airport! Sounds boring, but you get all the help you need here. If you want to live in Greece, obtaining an AFM tax number is the first and most crucial step you must take. We want to explain how to obtain one to you so that nothing can stand in the way of your fresh start.

What is the AFM and why do you need it?

The AFM number is the Greek personal Tax Identification Number (TIN). It consists of nine digits and is required for many daily procedures in Greece such as:

  • Before beginning employment

  • Establishing utility connections

  • Setting up a bank account

  • Purchasing a fishing permit.

  • Purchasing a vehicle, a home, or a boat

  • Establishing utility connections

  • Filing taxes

  • Getting a new driver's license

Who needs to apply for an AFM number?

If you are a resident in Greece or you own property or want to own property in Greece will need to apply for an AFM (TIN) number 

AFM Number

Where do you need to apply for an AFM number?

A person must physically visit the closest tax office, Eforia, to apply for and obtain a Greek tax number. There is typically no requirement to schedule an appointment, but we advise that you review the list of Greek tax offices and their policies. 

Typically, tax offices in Greece are open from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. But because employees are only required to work for 5.5 hours per day, many tax offices don't open until after 7:30 a.m. and stay open until 1:30 p.m.

You can Click Here in order to find your local tax office.

What are the required documents?

To be able to apply for an AFM number you will need the following documents:

  • Identity document, valid passport

  • Proof of address

  • Residence permit if a non-EU citizen

In Greece, you can demonstrate your residency in one of the following two ways: by producing a water or electricity bill in your name, or by showing a lease. Alternately, you could complete the declaration form (Ypeuthini Dilosi in Greek) that is available here:

How long do you need to wait for your AFM and why?

Getting your AFM Greek tax ID might take longer than a month. Before issuing an AFM, a tax officer must confirm the legitimacy of the supporting documentation.

The authenticity of the proof of address and the veracity of the information provided will both be verified. This procedure can take some time because it is difficult.

No tax office in Greece can issue an AFM tax number before confirming the validity of the submitted documents, and this authentication process can take up to a month.


How to access TAXISnet and why?

Once you have your Greek AFM tax identification number, you also need to get a key number to sign up for and use the TAXISnet online platform. It is important to sign up on TAXISnet because through this platform you can do the following:

• Submit your yearly tax return.

• Print a certificate for your AFM tax number.

• Generate a tax certificate.

• Apply for social benefits (if eligible)

On your first visit to the TAXISnet platform, you can create a special login and password by entering this key number. In order to connect to the platform, they will be required.

Your TAXISnet username and password should be kept safe because they are required for almost every procedure involving the Greek tax authorities.

This public platform's main flaw is that it is only available in Greek, making it very challenging to use. Ask for assistance at a KEP location close to you. Both your TAXISnet username and password must be on hand.

On its website, KEP lists all of its locations.

Now that we've cleared up this crucial issue for you, there's really nothing stopping you from living the expat lifestyle of your dreams in the incredible nation of Greece. It is indeed time for you to grab your belongings and take advantage of everything Greece has to offer.