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5 Best European Countries To Get an Entry Level Job in 2024

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5 Best European Countries To Get an Entry Level Job in 2024

Your studies are coming to an end, marking the upcoming phase of starting your career and learning A LOT on the job. If your sights are set on Europe, there are exceptional countries that offer abundant opportunities for entry-level workers, allowing you to gain valuable experience while earning an income. Let's explore five promising destinations that combine adventure and career.


Spain is an ideal starting point for your career. Renowned as one of Europe's best countries for entry-level workers, Spain boasts numerous job opportunities for degree holders. Beyond work, the country's affordable lifestyle makes it an attractive choice. With a population exceeding 47 million, Spain's major cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga are international hubs, easing mobility for non-Spanish speakers. However, possessing European citizenship or a valid work permit is crucial for securing an entry-level position.


Portugal stands out as a fantastic work destination, experiencing high economic growth. Despite salaries not reaching the heights of some European counterparts, the low cost of living allows for a comfortable lifestyle in this stunning country. For language enthusiasts, Portugal is an excellent place to learn, as English is widely spoken.

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​*Please, only apply if you are an EU citizen or hold a valid work permit.


Germany, with one of Europe's largest economies, beckons with its highly skilled workforce and diverse industries. Boasting a robust manufacturing sector, including automotive, engineering, and high-tech, Germany offers numerous opportunities for career growth. The country's high standard of living, ranked within the top 10 on the Human Development Index (HDI), makes it an appealing choice for recent graduates.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands provides plenty of great job opportunities and a high quality of living, with affordable housing options for expats. The cost of living is reasonable on average compared to other European counterparts. The country's safety, efficient public transport system, and availability of housing options make it an attractive destination for job seekers. Not to mention that the Dutch speak English very well and have a very friendly and international culture.

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​*Please, only apply if you are an EU citizen or hold a valid work permit.


Known for its warm climate and friendly atmosphere, Greece offers a steadily growing economy with abundant job opportunities. The widespread use of English simplifies communication for expats, contributing to a seamless integration into work and daily life. The Mediterranean lifestyle in Greece fosters a harmonious work-life balance, creating a unique and enriching career experience.

So which of these European beauties is going to be your next home? Start exploring your job opportunities in this an much more countries on our website!

Good Luck!

​*Please, only apply if you are an EU citizen or hold a valid work permit.

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