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How to Get A NIE number in Spain (2024)

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How to Get A NIE number in Spain (2024)

​Are you going to start a new career opportunity in Spain? Are you already overwhelmed with all the documents you need? Don't worry, if you already got your job in Barcelona we are here to provide you with a practical guide to better understand the process of how to obtain the NIE number (Foreigner Identification Number) and all the details you need to know.

What is the NIE number?

The NIE Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) is a personal and exclusive number (example: X1234567-Y), issued by the Office of Foreigners for the foreigners who relocate to Spain for more than 3 months for economic, professional or social interests. You should personally request the NIE in the General Police Department through the Immigration Department or in police stations, however, in case you are not in Spain yet, you can also start your procedure of requesting the assignment of the NIE in Spanish Consulates abroad. Both EU and Non-EU citizens need a foreign identification number, for non-EU residents this is the TIE (Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjero), which functions as the official identification while in Spain. For EU citizens, the NIE is sufficient in combination with an EU passport or ID.

Why do I need a NIE number?

The NIE number is required for all kinds of paperwork, official proceedings or economic and professional interests if you do not have a Spanish Nationality. However, it is important to keep in mind that this number does not entitle you to reside in Spain. You may need the Spanish NIE number for several occasions:

  • To open a bank account

  • To establish a business or to have a Spanish job contract

  • To become self-employed

  • To buy real estate

  • To buy a vehicle

  • To study in Spain

  • To register for the national social security health plan

  • To apply for a driver’s license

  • To arrange utilities: for having internet and gas/electricity/water accounts

  • To file a tax return or for any sort of administrative request inherent to the foreign office.

How can I get the NIE number?

There is a high demand for appointments to apply for the NIE, so it may be difficult to get one the first time you try to apply. For this reason, it is recommended that you try to make an appointment as soon as you arrive in Spain. To make sure that you only need one try, we have a step-by-step guide for you to obtain your NIE number:​

Note: If you cannot get an appointment in the first place, don’t worry, we all had the same problem. Try early in the morning, around 8-9 on Mondays to increase your chances or get help from an agency to speed up the process.

STEP 1: Request your appointment online or with an agency. If you are still abroad you have to contact the Spanish Consulate or diplomatic office of your region.

STEP 2: Gather the necessary documents (see the list below)

STEP 3: Pay the 012 tax fee (model 790) which is between 10-15 Euros. Access the online form here, fill in your personal information, select “Asignacion de NIE”, fill in the city and date information, and select “En efectivo” for the cash payment and go to the nearest bank with the printed document. Make sure you also receive a proof of payment as you will need this for the appointment.

STEP 4: Go to your appointment with all the necessary documents.

STEP 5: Walk out of the appointment with the NIE in your hand.

What documents do I need for the NIE appointment?

Once you have booked your appointment, you have to make sure that you have all the documents you require in order to have a smooth appointment. Note: You have to provide the original and a copy of each document.

  • A document justifying why you need the NIE number. For example, an offer letter from the company hiring you. It MUST include the start date of the contract, type of contract, full company name and NIF (Tax Identification Number) with original signature.

  • The printed confirmation of your appointment

  • The EX15 document (you can find it here), be aware that this document is only available in Spanish.

  • Your passport and a copy!

  • Proof of payment of the fee

Be present in the given location on the day of your appointment and make sure you bring every document listed above!

Do you still have some doubts, or you want to share with us your comments? Do not hesitate to email us at: contact@bluselection.com

If you need professional help we recommend NIE Barcelona!

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