10 Tips to Make a Killer Impression at a Job Interview

10 Tips to Make a Killer Impression at a Job Interview

10 Tips to Make a Killer Impression at a Job Interview

Posted on 02 October 2019

10 Tips to Make a Killer Impression at a Job Interview

Making it to the face-to-face job interview already shows that you already presented a proper CV and you have the basics to be a fit for the job, now it’s time to present why you are the perfect candidate.

30 seconds. Ain’t no recruiter got more time for you if you do appear there as unprepared, lacking the necessary motivation and simply as “the wrong candidate”. If the first impression is positive, you got your chance to make it further already from the beginning of the interview! If it does not, you need to push hard and prove yourself harder for the rest of the job interview. Second chances barely exist in recruitment life, so make sure you put your best foot forward and make every second count!

Check out these essential steps to make a killer impression at your job interview!​

Here are some tips and tricks (that everyone knows, but only a few actually applies) on how to prepare for a job interview:

1. Do research

Before going on an interview, you should have good knowledge of the position you applied for and the company itself.

Read the job description very carefully, look up terms you are not familiar with and make sure you write down all the questions you might have. Besides this, try to have a good idea about what kind of person they are looking for. Ask yourself the question in which way you can be that person and try to highlight your aspects and the points on your CV underlying this.

Aside from the job description, doing some thorough research about the company itself is very important as well. Look up the company’s history, mission, vision, CEO’s name, products, clients, etc. Another thing to do is to research the recent press of the company. Use this knowledge to make a killer impression during the interview itself.

2. Practice makes (almost) perfect

In order to feel confident and comfortable about yourself, practice the job interview with a friend or family member. Review the most asked questions on a job interview – the internet is your best friend – and practice how you would answer them.

3. Dress appropriately

If you want to make a killer impression, clothing is another important point to talk about. Dress appropriately!

But what does dressing appropriate exactly mean?

Of course, for every person, dressing appropriately has a different meaning. Try to figure out what kind of people work at your (possible) future company and what kind of atmosphere and environment they work in. If the company breathes professionalism, dress up a little bit more than usual. Ladies, keep your skirt and cleavage at a decent height! If you are not sure about what decent means, just wear pants and no cleavage.

Always keep in mind that it is better to be a little bit overdressed than underdressed, so if you are not sure about your outfit, go for the fancier option.

4. Arrive on time

It is of utmost importance to be on time! Think about what kind of impression you would make when arriving late. If you are late for your interview, at what time would you then arrive at work? Being late makes such a bad impression so try to avoid this at all costs.

It is best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your interview. In this way, you already give the recruiter a small hint that you are very motivated to start working for them.

If it does happen that you will arrive late for any kind of reason, give the recruiter a call and explain why you are late and when you approximately will arrive.

5. Show respect to the recruiter

Besides being on time, another thing you should take into account is the recruiter’s name. Make sure you get his/her name right from the first time. If he/she has an unusual name, be mindful enough to do research about how to pronounce it correctly – of course, if you already know his/her name before going on an interview.

Another way of showing your respect to the recruiter is to thank him/her for giving you a chance for the position. This may sound not important, but if you think about it: the recruiter is making time for you to interview you and to take your application into consideration. You should be thankful to him/her for doing so.

6. Be confident

When you have gone through the previous checklist points and you arrived (on time) for the job interview, you should try to make a confident impression as much as possible. Take note of your body language, posture and every single action you undertake during the interview. Try to be as confident as possible, without going overboard with it. Of course, applying these 10 tips can also help you with feeling more confident about yourself.

7. Be enthusiastic and motivated

Would you consider a negative-minded candidate lacking the motivation to work for your company? The answer is NO! So, please be and act as enthusiastic and motivated as possible.

8. Always be positive – avoid all negativity

In line with the previous advice, another thing you need to avoid during your job interview is any kind of negativity. People do not like this and will associate you with it. Always try to express yourself positively and never talk bad about yourself or anybody else (like for example your previous employer). Keep up the positive vibes!

9. Ask questions yourself

In order to show your general interest in the company, it is very much appreciated to show some curiosity. Prepare a couple of questions to ask the recruiter yourself. Be very general. A possible question can be:“Where does the company want to be in five years, and which actions will it undertake to get there?”.​

10. Ask for feedback

Last but not least, it is very important to follow up after your interview. Let the recruiter know you are thankful that he/she takes your application into consideration, and explain one more time why you would be the perfect candidate for the job opportunity. You either do this by phone or email. In this way, you will show that you are really motivated to join their team.

Besides these 10 useful tips for nailing a job interview, always keep in mind to be yourself. Never try to be anybody else because, in the end, you will not only fool the company but also yourself.

All the best of luck!

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