How To Succeed In A Customer Service Role Play

How to Succeed In A Customer Service Role-Play

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How to Succeed In A Customer Service Role-Play

If you already have experience in customer service, nailing a customer-service role-play in your upcoming job interview might be “easy game”. On the other hand, if you are new to the industry, this might still be quite an enigma. This is why you should do your research before your interview for the customer service role you want to land.

Don’t worry, as we help our candidates to get ready before their interviews, we got your back too. This short preparation sheet should help you rock that customer service role-play!

What to expect?

The role-play will be a real case where the interviewer will play the customer, and you will play the company customer representative. Sounds simple right?

The first thing to know when a company performs a role-play is that they will rather assess the form rather than the content of your answers – indeed you are not supposed to be aware of the internal policies, procedures and details of the products/services of the company yet, you will receive training on this once hired! It is less about giving the right solution, but more about giving it the right way.

That’s why you should be focusing on how you handle the case first, more than the technical side of the problem.

By this way, the company will assess if you demonstrate — or have the ability to develop — such skills:

  • Being Quality and service-oriented

  • Ability to remain calm under pressure and in uncomfortable situations

  • Solution mindset

  • Active listening skills

  • Professional communication

  • Logical thinking

  • Empathy

  • Ability to handle and manage complains

Once the role play starts, act exactly as if you were in a call:

  • Greet the customer, and thank him/her for the call

  • Ask for an identification number to access the file/account of the customer. From this point, address the customer by his/her name/surname.

  • Listen to the customer query/problem

  • Ask questions — don’t jump into offering a solution, you firstly need to enter into the probing phase where you ask questions to make sure you have identified/understood the query.

  • Offer solutions (remember the content of the solutions don’t matter much as long as it is coherent). When offering solutions, always think logically and start with the easiest cases to the most complex ones.

  • Make sure the problem is solved – never leave a call with an unsolved matter or follow-up plan for the customer

  • Ask if you can do anything else - make sure that you only end the call with a happy/satisfied customer

What now?

Prepare, prepare and PREPARE!

Do a quick research to make sure you know what the company’s products/services are about. Think of possible scenarios and role-play them. If you need a role play buddy, ask us! 

Don’t forget to read the FAQ of the company. This might give you some valuable insights into typical situations and solutions.

Last but not least, call the customer service line of the company to experience their service! Their customer service representatives already know what they’re doing, learn from the experts! 

How do you feel now? Can you nail that customer service role-play awaits you? 

Feel free to download the fact sheet we prepared on this topic below.

Customer Service Role-Play Sheet