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Working in the Morning or Evening Shift?

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Working in the Morning or Evening Shift?

Working environments are changing, working traditions are changing. Lately, the discussion about working hours became a popular topic once again. There are people who are suggesting 30 hours per week will be the solution but there are also others telling that it’s not about how many hours a day or a week but at what time of the day you feel more productive. Therefore, it’s a good time to talk about morning and evening shifts as well.

What do you prefer, working in the morning or evening shift?

We all can agree on the fact that every industry and sector has its own working hours. At some places like airports and shops, it is very common to find people with rotative shifts. And, on the other hand, a normal office schedule is still more or less between 9 am – 18 pm.

Generally, people working in the morning are complaining about some outside events or bureaucratic appointments that they miss and people working in the evening shifts are complaining that they miss all the others. We are professionals and each of us has the capacity to easily adapt to a different way of living if the job requires it. However, we all have our preferences and internally we work differently.

Let’s see what are the main differences between the two working shifts and discuss the pros and cons of each of them:

Morning Shift

It is one of the most common. A lot of people start working between 6-9 am to work in different activities of our society. Call Centres, Offices, Stores, Transports, Services, Restaurants… It is really a big amount of people who start the day working hard even when the sun is still sleeping. If you normally work on this schedule you probably know already that at the beginning it takes a while until you get your daily routine. Possibly you are not having great breakfasts deserving an Instagram picture but for sure you have found your own way of having a quick coffee in the morning.

Pros of the Morning Shift

-You will have no excuses to stay in bed losing your time. Having responsibility in the morning will make you squeeze your days from the very beginning

-You will be the first one being informed. Social Media, Newspapers, TV, Radio… Everything starts working early in the morning to give you the latest news.

Cons of the Morning Shift

-Some people can feel how their energy drops when the day is passing. If you like to stay active in the evening you can have less energy earlier than someone who had the possibility to sleep longer.

-You will not always manage to go to bed early. If you have a bad night, or a very good one, you will feel the consequences the next morning.

​Evening Shift

The rest of the world is joining later in the day for the evening shift. Most of the people are relieving their colleagues and continuing with their tasks. In Spain, besides the reputation of the siesta, most of the stores and services are working between 10 am – 21-22 pm.​

Pros of the Evening Shift

-A lot of people like to enjoy the morning to do some activities. You can normally have more energy to go to the gym or do some sports.

-It is a perfect moment to solve issues with some entities opening mostly in the morning, as the bank offices or some other places.

-You can enjoy a well-prepared breakfast with no rush.

-If the night before you had some trouble sleeping, you can always have the option of sleeping a bit longer to recover yourself.

Cons of the Evening Shift

-If you do not have some self-authority you can lose a lot of time in bed.

-Normally, if you finish very late you will have to get used to having dinner later than normal.

-Sometimes you will be the last one and it means you might need to stay longer to solve some unexpected issues.

It is easy to adapt to each way of working. It normally depends on the person and their preferences. While someone can really love working the morning shifts, it can be a nightmare for somebody else.

What about you? What do you prefer? Most of our job opportunities would be 9-6 roles but we do have night shift positions as well if you prefer!