Who Are You Based On Your Office Halloween Party Costume

Who Are You Based on Your Office Halloween Party Costume?

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Who Are You Based on Your Office Halloween Party Costume?

​Caution! That spooky time of the year has come: Halloween! It’s almost like the only reason October exist (and for the sake of pumpkin lattes as well). Office Halloween parties are the right time to get to know your colleagues better. They might show their true face there.

Think about last years’ Halloween costumes, did you or a friend of yours secretly reveal their biggest fears or fantasies? Which costumes did you judge so badly but never told anyone? Now you’ll learn.


You don’t like attention in the office why would you like to get attention at the office party, right?  This costume suits you well, whoever you are inside.


You are neither from this planet nor belong to this company. You believe that you are different from all the others, it’s your time to visually prove it. Hope you bring peace and not chaos.



You always show your serious side to your team but you are humble and easygoing in reality. You want others to see that there’s a high chance they misjudge your personality with this costume.


You always meet the expectations of your supervisors and colleagues. You don’t like surprises and you know that this costume will not surprise anyone. Good job!


You are the funny one in your team and everyone expects you to cheer up the day. You are on duty this Halloween as the party starter (unless your plan is to scare people by being a bad clown this time).



You are sweet and nice. There’s no single person in the company think otherwise. Your costume will not make a “wow” effect but this is who you are, a kind and caring creature. That’s cute.


You want to be respected and feared just like in the office. Your costume draws attention but people will leave you alone unless you actually want to have a talk with them, just like you desire.

Disco Ball​

You are fun and you know it. Everyone knows that you take your job seriously but outside of work you want people to see your ego-free side.


You always support your teammates and be an important part of the success stories. You are creative, fun and easygoing. But if anyone steps on you, you know that they’re going to pay for it.


You are strong and powerful. Not that you need to prove that with a costume but you want to be acknowledged as someone who can defend herself and curse the others if needed.


Oh, oh, oh it’s magic, you know. You are smart, just and a true leader who relies on his intuition. Be wise and decide who shall pass the gates of this party fairly!


Everyone knows that you are a princess because you told them so and act accordingly every day. We got it, you are the princess of the team. You always look good and you deserve the best. Yep.


There are people thinking that you are a no-brainer who only works for the pay-check, follows the rules and doesn’t provide any added value. True or not, you don’t care.


You like to joke around, chit-chat in the office and office parties are what you work for. Drink all you can and dance till the morning, this party needs you as much as you need it.



You are more than your role in the company. You are passionate about your hobbies and you want to show your true self at this party. Just be careful with that Knife!



You have a dark side no one has realised it since you manipulated them so well. You live for drama and it’s time to reveal your inner evil to everyone and continue acting like an angel the next day.

Here at Blu Selection, we are ready for this year’s party. Rumour says that we have murderers, witches, vampires, pirates and hopefully no Squid Game little girls.

What’s the office Halloween party motto: #BringYourOwnBroomstick or go home.