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Here's Why You Should Seriously Consider Living in Lisbon

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Here's Why You Should Seriously Consider Living in Lisbon

If you are reading it you are definitely interested in Lisbon, we got you! During the past years, Portugal has become one of the most visited countries in Europe. Not only the tourists but the population of expats making Portugal their new home is increasing every year. What is behind this popularity? There are some of the reasons why people quickly fall in love with Lisbon and the Portuguese culture. We’ll first share with you the most common reasons that’ll make you love the idea of living in Lisbon and why it’s way easier to find a job and move there than you think!

8 reasons why you will fall in love with Lisbon

1. Beautiful sunsets and great weather

We can personally say that one of the most beautiful sunsets you will see will be from the highest point sight view of Lisbon, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. Don’t even think about missing it if you go there. However, Lisbon has not only great magic sunset but its light in general. With an average of 290 sunny days per year, people quickly feel how the light that this place has is something special. Hard to explain, easy to experience.

2. The unique personality of Lisbon

A lot of cities can be beautiful but having a unique personality is something different.

It is not something easy to acquire. The people, the culture, the gastronomy, the music, the architecture, the vibes, the location, the trend, the street art, the language, the environment, etc.

Everything counts when creating a city’s personality. Most of the time not even on purpose but created by accident. Lisbon has a strong one and people really love it.

3. The Portuguese cuisine

Not a lot of tourist places in the world can keep up with this. Lisbon is preserving its gastronomy and they are very proud of this. The best part is that you will be able to have a very decent meal without needing to pay for it with a part of your body. Tasty plates are really worth trying and we are not only speaking about sweets. Portuguese people know how to cook, and they want to share it with the world.

4. Alluring streets of Lisbon

Be careful if you go for a walk in Lisbon, you might want to stay forever. It is like being in a movie or a fairy tale. Photographers love it. There is always something new to discover. It is one of these places where it is really worth it to get lost walking and walking. You can forget about public transport and discover the city on foot. Street Art and musicians will guide you to find out incredible hidden spots.

People of lisbon

5.  People of Lisbon

Very polite, hard-workers and humble are some of the words that first come to our minds to describe Portuguese people. Besides, they are helpful to foreigners and they are proud of their culture and way of living, so they will be always willing to share it with you. On average, Portuguese people are known to have good English skills so you might not even have a language barrier. Did we also mention that Lisbon is one of the safest capitals in Europe? In sum, you will find there happy people with social skills who will make you feel comfortable in their country.

7. Its natural beauty

Not far from Lisbon you can find amazing Portuguese treasures to visit. Sintra is probably one of the most important, high chance it’s going to be your favourite place! One of my favourite places on Earth so far! But let’s not forget about Madeira or Azores, described as the Hawaii of the Atlantic. We cannot avoid thinking about the charming Porto as well. Portugal is a country gifted with natural beaches and kilometres of coast ready to be enjoyed. The Weather always helps in this perfect combination. While some of the best beach spots might be in the south, Algarve Area, Lisbon is not far from the perfect places to enjoy the summer days. Portinho da Arrábida, Guincho, Meco, Troia. Adraga. Tamariz, Sesimbra and many more.

8. The Portuguese tile walls and more.

The Tiles just make everything more beautiful. The Portuguese culture has a strong tradition of using them for a long time ago. Back in the 13th century, with the Moors' invasion and the influence of Sevilla, they included this artwork deeply in their culture. Nowadays, Lisbon is fully dressed with these simple little stones bringing colour and life to the city and impressing all the tourists. It’s just another excuse to visit or even better to live in Lisbon. If you don’t have it already you will find your own reason in no time!

Why is it easy to work and live in Lisbon?

Lisbon is an expat paradise, no one can deny it. We already told you all the buzz about the city with its charms like the warm climate, lovely locals, delicious cuisine, fado and more. The thing you may not know is that there are many international companies having a big role in the short or long-term migrations of talents from all over the world. How is that? Multinational companies, like our clients, are in demand for lots of international talents for various positions like customer service, technical support or sales

These entry-level jobs in Lisboncreate the opportunity for an escape from the ordinary and an international experience abroad for people like us who wonder about it all! 

Now you know why there are so many people taking a year (or more) abroad experience in Lisbon. Let us tell you now how they get the opportunity by introducing our client, one of the biggest multinational companies in Lisbon and how they make it so easy and fun to work and live in Lisbon.

“Congratulations! You’ve got your job in Lisbon!”

This is us giving you the good news after your successful recruitment process. After getting to know you and representing your best sides to our client in Lisbon we leave you with a simple task. All you need to do is show them your skills and motivation. The rest is easy, we communicate with you and the company throughout the entire recruitment process to make everything work out for the best. 

Time to pack your stuff and fly (it’s going to be paid back later)!

Now it’s the fun part. You need to take some time to pack your luggage for a year abroad, but don’t worry Lisbon’s warm climate will give you the chance to bring a variety of belongings. Don’t forget to book your flight by getting too excited. We already told you that the company offers flight reimbursement, right?

When you arrive in Lisbon you will meet the Welcome Team, especially waiting for you.

Moving abroad, to a city you don’t know is not that easy, sometimes. Having some insight beforehand or locals helping you with the move might make everything easier. That’s why the company wants to assure you that you’ll have an easy start with all the help you need. They offer two options for you to choose freely: the first one is that you receive your full salary monthly and arrange the accommodation yourself and the second one is that company provides you with a place with a fairly reduced salary (in comparison with the rental market in Lisbon) that allows you to have more money for your other needs. 

They will assist you with your new accommodation with a 24/7 hotline whenever you need it. Just make yourself at home.

If you choose the second option, you do not need to worry about anything regarding your accommodation. Since your stay is your company’s responsibility, you have full support with a helpline. Again, just make yourself at home and enjoy your time in Lisbon.

To successfully start your job the next step is your personal training. You will be representing an international brand with a chance to find yourself in a higher position after a few months. 

If you wonder more about the position, let us tell you, even though there are different offers available within the company, the nature of the work is pretty much the same. First of all, you do not need to worry about your current skills regarding the position, you will receive the necessary training before starting with your actual tasks which will be being the representative of a specific brand and bringing solutions to customer demands and problems. Even though the position is quite satisfying for entry levels, don’t forget that you can rise in the company easier than you think! 

You will be working in a multilingual environment with co-workers from all over the world.

This is the part we love most, also here in Blu Selection. All the things you can learn from your colleagues, all those unforgettable moments and the international experience itself are just priceless. It is the spirit of the expatriate that motivates us to move abroad, meet new and like-minded people and exchange cultural knowledge and this company values this the most! 

To relax after work, check out the free activities in your workplace first.

8 hours a day does not prevent us to enjoy ourselves! To boost your experience in your new habitat and build stronger relationships with co-workers, the company provides you with a variety of events, courses and activities. You can get to know people you work with better, develop new skills, learn a new language or just enjoy your after-work activity! 

But don’t forget Lisbon has more to offer. Walk around the beautiful city, plan a weekend on the beach, and enjoy the nightlife.

You move for a job but you stay for the experience. Moving abroad doesn’t mean a lot if you are not content with the city you live in. In Lisbon, it is very difficult to have a negative experience with all the good vibes surrounding the city and the international environment where you’ll find it very easy to adapt. Plus, you have a beautiful city view with seven hills, amazing beaches just half an hour away and really good nightlife. Don’t forget to eat Pastel de Nata for us too!

And most importantly have fun while getting the most out of this working abroad experience that will change your life for the better.

Do you want to work and live in Lisbon and want to learn about this company? Check our newest job openings in Lisbon and if you want to learn more about others who made this experience: Check Vera's Story!

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