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When You Feel Like Quitting Your Job Consider These First!

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When You Feel Like Quitting Your Job Consider These First!

​Career paths are not always as stable as we want. We come across bad managers, toxic work environments or sometimes just have to accept unfair job offers to save the day. Especially nowadays the movement of "quiet quitting" became a trending topic. When it comes to loudly quitting our jobs though, we need to think twice so we don’t do the same mistakes again. That’s why if you already feel like resigning from your current role, take a look at this article and make sure that you’re going to make the right decision this time.

Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job

The mistake we all do is that we wait until we burn out and just try to escape from that troublesome job. Not all of us are lucky to have a gap in between jobs though, we often have to accept whatever comes next without even considering if we’re going to face the same problems there, again. That’s why the first piece of advice is this:

Don’t run away from your current job, run towards the new one.

Move forward to make the necessary change for your career instead of wasting your energy with negativity and taking another bad offer just as an escape. Don’t let anxiety and frustration lead you to make the wrong decision.

Being able to calm down and make long-term decisions is crucial for your career.

If you are stuck in your current role, try to focus on the good things. You experience negativity in your work environment but that doesn’t necessarily need to affect your well-being and mood. Tell yourself this: it’s just a job. Only for a while though, because the aim is that you establish positivity and a balance between your personal and professional life and in order to achieve that you need to calm down and focus on your goals. There’s no place for bad vibes if you have a dream and you don’t get to prove to anyone by quitting your role, you should do it for yourself only. Be respectful and professional no matter what. The negativity that you bring to the table might affect your next career move and future plans as well.

Stress less and take care of yourself.

It’s significantly important that you don’t go through this alone. Take all the help you need. Go out with your friends, take their thoughts into consideration, and learn from others’ experiences. Already start building your network. Find new connections that will make it easier for you to reach your prospective employers. In this way, you’ll not focus on what you have now but on what you’re going to achieve.

Dream big but don’t fall into dreams, be transparent to yourself.

Make sure that you are actually willing to enter a new environment. Don’t lose your self-confidence and try to understand the difference between your role and the work conditions. No need to blame yourself or put all the blame on the company and your colleagues. Misunderstandings and disagreements happen and both parties can be equally responsible for them. What you need to do for your life is thinking yourself and your well-being first but also be mature enough to take responsibility for your actions and be willing to make necessary changes.

Make a plan, and take all the necessary steps.

Slowly achieve your goal, no need to rush. Even if your current role drives you crazy, emotionally disconnect and put your energy on your side job-search. Do your research well, assess and embrace your current skills and figure out the ones you need to work on and develop further. Be patient! You will eat the fruit of your labour soon!

If you already got job offers don’t forget to ask these questions yourself before you resign from your current role:

  • What’s my motivation to accept this role? Am I just seeing this as an escape from my current role or is it really going to make a difference this time?

  • Does this position fit my career aspirations and help me to achieve my goals?

  • Do I understand the expectations of this role and have the necessary skills to handle the responsibilities?

Especially if it’s a career change, you need to think and act twice on all the advice above but nothing is impossible. Trust your gut and achieve your potential!

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