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Your New Start in Lisbon: How to Get A NIF in 2022?

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Your New Start in Lisbon: How to Get A NIF in 2022?

“Did you say Lisbon? That's where I want to live”, you probably just said! And we can understand that very well. The city, which was built on the beautiful seven hills that leads to the great river Tenjo, also has a lot to offer. The seductive charisma of this city captivates every visitor. Lisbon impresses everyone with the beauty of its ancient buildings and fascinating culture. You fell in love with it and now you are about to become a part of Lisbon’s beauties. That’s why the next step is to get your paperwork done! Sounds boring, but you get all the help you need here. In this post, we will tell you what steps you need to take to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your new start. 

The most important thing first: Find a job in Lisbon!

Maybe you've already received a great job offer and you can go one step further. If not, no problem! We will help you. As you've probably seen on our website, we offer jobs in Lisbon in a variety of industries. Starting with people who are willing to help, over people who are interested in technology up to sales specialists. Feel free to browse around and if you find one or more offers that appeal to you, let us know. We will contact the companies and will organise the complete application process. The only thing you have to do is show the company in your interview what you are made of! If you are unsure about what to consider during the interview, we have a list of blog posts that can help you get prepared for it.

You need a NIF now: What is the NIF? 

The número de identificação, or NIF for short, is a tax identification number that everyone in Portugal needs to perform a tax-related action. This includes paying for water, electricity, gas and internet, signing contracts, receiving social benefits and, of course, working. 

Why do I need the NIF?

As in many other countries, you’ll need this number for your purchases and bureaucratic processes such as:

  • Opening a bank account

  • Receiving your income

  • Buying properties

  • Getting a Portuguese phone contract

  • Enrolling in Portuguese universities

  • Paying taxes etc.

Where can I get the NIF?

You can get the NIF number at the local tax office (Serviço de Finanças) as well as at the respective citizens' offices (Loja da Cidadão) in each municipality. 

If you live in the centre of Lisbon, the Serviço de Finanças de Lisboa 3 will most likely be suggested to you, as it is the most central one. However, we recommend you to go to Serviço de Finanças Lisboa 4. We have heard from various sources that the service there is faster and better. If you live a bit outside the centre, just search Google for the nearest "Finanças Lisboa". 

Serviço de Finanças Lisboa Opening hours: 09:00 - 15:30

In addition, give you the tip best 30 minutes before visiting the Servio de Finanças Lisboa. Yes, that is unfortunately very early! But believe us, you will wait longer if you come later. Besides, you will surely get into conversation with one of the other waiting people and you will see that the time will fly by. Another plus: You have more of your day and therefore more time to explore Lisbon.

What do you need for the NIF?

Our advice: Register as a non-resident if your residence is not permanent in Portugal or if you have a residence in Germany. As a non-resident, you are only subject to limited tax liability.

If you declare your Portuguese residence, you are automatically considered a resident in Portugal for tax purposes. This means that after so-called "unlimited tax liability" you have to pay tax on your worldwide earned income in Portugal. Obtaining a NIF is free but if you would like to get a Portuguese tax card you’ll be expected to pay 6.80€.

  • A valid passport or ID card with a photo

  • Proof * of your address in Portugal/residence in your home country, e.g. a rental contract.

* Proofs

You need proof of address from your home country. Therefore your passport or identity card is necessary. What we also recommend, just to be sure, is to bring a bank statement less than three months old showing your non-Portuguese address.

Is it done? Can I start my Lisbon adventure now?

Now that you have received your NIF number directly in paper form at the counter, there is only one thing left to do: Experience and discover Lisbon! Stroll through the beautiful streets, stop at a Pastel de Nata stand, get on the famous streetcar line 18 and let it take you around the city and visit the oldest and smallest bookstore in the world. For more tips, check out our blog post on “Everything you need to know about living in Lisbon with a City Guide in PDF!

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