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Overcoming Barriers When Living and Working Abroad

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Overcoming Barriers When Living and Working Abroad

For sure! The thought of living abroad is exciting and definitely something to look forward to. You'll get to be in a completely different environment, try new things, and experience various cultures. However, while working abroad can be a thrilling adventure, it can also be quite challenging. 

And in this blog, we'll get to explore some of the barriers you may encounter and learn how to overcome them as you start your life abroad. Let's get started!

Common Barriers And Challenges

1. Language and Communication 

One of the most frustrating challenges of moving to a foreign country is learning a new language. As you know, each part of the world tends to have its own local language people use in day-to-day conversations. 

And while you may assume that English is the universal language, some countries don't speak or understand it. This can put you in a difficult position, considering that you have to communicate with someone when navigating public transportation, ordering food, or simply making friends. Thus, always be ready for this and take your language classes seriously.

2. Culture 

The next common hurdle you will face when working abroad is culture shock. The usual things that you like, believe in or do can be seen differently in a foreign country. For instance, when it comes to the topics you find funny. They can be a sensitive subject matter for them. Additionally, they may have different religious, political, and social norms you might not be comfortable with.  

Given this, you must then try to be more familiar with the culture of the country you're planning to move to. And before anything else, ask yourself important questions before you decide to go. By considering every factor, you'll be able to have a better transition as you move in.

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3. Laws and Regulations 

As you know, each country has its own set of laws and regulations. And usually, they require you to have a working visa and other paperwork before you'll be able to move. Hence, it's crucial to prepare for all of this to avoid disruption.

4. Adjustment to New Work Environment

Moving to a new work environment can also take some getting used to. Everything from the company culture to the daily workflow can be vastly different from what you're used to at home. This can be a challenge, especially for people who are introverted and are not used to change. In Spain for example the work day typically starts later and ends later with a longer lunch break compared to Germany.

5. Financial Management

Another challenge awaiting you is how you can effectively manage your finances. Considering that prices and monthly expenses across countries differ you should spend your money consciously, especially when using different currencies.  


6. Homesickness 

Finally, the hardest one is the feeling of homesickness. Given that you enter a new place with people you don't know, you may sometimes feel lost. And there will always come a time that you'll miss your family and friends back home. Your moments shared together will flashback to the times you feel lost in a new city. Thus, you must also prepare yourself emotionally when moving to another country.

How To Overcome These Challenges

1. Build Your Network 

Besides taking language classes or using language learning apps, it would be best to build your network of locals in that country. It is the perfect way to be fluent in a language. As you sit down into conversations with them, you'll be able to practice, improve your fluency, and even learn some slang they normally use but are not taught in classes. As a result, you'll be more comfortable and confident with the choice of words to use in your day-to-day interactions.


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2. Put Yourself Out There

While books are a great way to learn about another country's culture, putting yourself out there to experience everything firsthand will always be the best. So, go to museums, taste their renowned dishes, and visit cultural heritages. This way, you'll learn more about their traditions as a nation.

3. Be Responsible

Being aware of your legal obligations is not enough. You must also be responsible for following it. Thus, to overcome the challenge in this section, you must educate yourself about your work country's laws and regulations. Always prepare your papers as needed.

Be Responsible

4. Be Inclusive and Flexible

Moving to a new work environment can be challenging, but you must always allow yourself to be open and flexible. Take chances to know each and every one in your workplace and make new friends. You’ll be amazed by how diversity can bring out the best in your team. Beyond all these, always find ways to have a work-life balance in your new work environment. 

5. Set a Realistic Budget

To overcome the financial management challenge, you must first familiarize yourself and get used to monthly expenses and potential currency exchanges. Then, consistently track your expenses and set realistic budgets. That's the only way you can be able to manage your cash flow effectively.

6. Find Ways To Stay Connected

You must always anticipate that no distance can keep you apart from the important people in your hometown. Find ways to stay connected with your loved ones using the internet. Schedule your calls and keep in touch with them through social media. You may also subscribe to channels from your home country to get updated with the latest news. All of these can help you cope with homesickness.

The Bottom Line

Living and working abroad can bring you new challenges to test your resilience and adaptability. But you have nothing to worry about because obstacles are a part of life to help us become better people. We just have to embrace and find ways to overcome them. It will help us create unforgettable memories and transform our journey into thrilling and rewarding adventures!

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