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Find Your Perfect Barcelona Neighbourhood: Insider Tips on the Best Places to Live

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Find Your Perfect Barcelona Neighbourhood: Insider Tips on the Best Places to Live

​Are you ready to move to Barcelona and explore the city that literally has it all: beach, mountain, big city life and quiet family areas? This is your chance to get a sneak peek into the top neighbourhood of Barcelona and decide for yourself which one fits your personality and life style!
Let's start exploring.


Vila de Gracia

Picture yourself wandering around Vila de Gracia in Barcelona's Gracia district – it's this super cozy spot that feels like a little village right in the middle of the city. Gracia is like a hub for culture lovers, with 19th-century buildings turned into cool shops, cafes, and places to eat. It's a real champion of independent businesses, so you're always finding something unique and supporting local folks. And if you're around for the La Festa Major de Gracia street festival, you're in for a treat with all its colours, parades, and traditional music. Gracia isn't just any neighbourhood; it's packed with diverse shops, eateries, and cafes. It's family-friendly, safe, and brimming with multicultural vibes, street art, festivals, beautiful architecture, and quaint plazas. Gracia is basically a colourful mix of arts, culture, food, and nightlife, all wrapped up with a warm welcome and a legendary bell tower!



Welcome to Eixample (pronounced e-shamp-le), the beating heart of Barcelona! This stylish, modern area is a feast for the eyes with its unique grid layout and Gaudí's stunning works like La Sagrada Familia. Eixample, meaning 'expansion' in Catalan, beautifully connects the old city centre with the surrounding villages. Split into the Left (Eixample Esquerra) and Right (Eixample Dreta), it's got something for everyone. The Left is all about upscale vibes, with the lush Parc de Joan Miró and loads of shopping, from fancy brands to local finds. It's a cultural hub with theatres, galleries, and gorgeous buildings – a dream for art lovers and foodies alike. For expat families, Eixample is a great pick with its top schools and medical facilities. It's well-connected and a bit fancy, offering a cultural mix. Over on the Right, Eixample Dreta is all about wide streets, Gaudí's magic, and a buzzing nightlife. Its central spot, iconic buildings, and food variety make it a historical journey. Whether you're into Dreta or Esquerra, Eixample blends history, culture, and upscale living in a place where Gaudí's dreams took shape.


Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni in Barcelona's Eixample Esquerra is the place to be if you're into that hipster vibe. It's known for its bohemian atmosphere, trendy bars, and restaurants, making it a cool spot to live. Take a walk down its streets lined with vintage and second-hand clothes shops, and don't miss the lively Mercat de Sant Antoni for some unique finds. It's right in the centre and super easy to get to by public transport, making it a favourite for young professionals and students who want a place that's lively and trendy. But there's more to Sant Antoni than just its location and vibe. It's got a unique shopping scene, cultural spots like the Sant Antoni Theater, great transport links, and a diverse food and nightlife scene. Living in Sant Antoni means being part of a vibrant and dynamic community, making it a standout choice in Barcelona.

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Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

Welcome to Sarrià-Sant Gervasi! This cool spot is tucked away in the upper part of Barcelona. It's super popular for its chill vibe, tree-lined streets, and peaceful setting – a real hit with families and professionals. One of the highlights here is Parc del Turó del Putxet. It's not only a great spot for some fresh air and greenery, but it also gives you some awesome views of the city.

Families love Sarria for its top-notch schools. It's a great place if you're looking for good education options for your kids. And when it comes to food, you've got everything from classic Spanish dishes to international flavours – something for everyone's taste.

But there's more to Sarria than just pretty views and schools. It's a really safe area, which is a big plus for anyone who wants to live in a secure and relaxed place. Getting around and exploring Barcelona is easy too, thanks to good bus and metro connections. Plus, if you're working in the city, Sarria's close to the business areas, making it a smart pick for job-seekers and working folks.

The vibe in Sarria is laid-back but still classy, making it a sweet spot if you're after a calm yet upscale lifestyle in Barcelona. Basically, Sarria's got its own special charm, making it an ideal home base whether you're raising a family, building a career, or just looking for a peaceful and posh place to live.



Right in Barcelona's Sant Martí district, is this buzzing place known for its cool start-up scene and tech vibe– Poblenou (New Village). It's packed with co-working spots, incubators, and accelerators – just the ticket if you're into entrepreneurship or tech stuff. The area's got this neat mix of modern and old-school architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, which gives it a unique look.

One of the best bits about Poblenou is its beachside location. It's like you get the best of both worlds – business and beach life. This combo is a big draw for folks who love the idea of living near the sea. Plus, getting around is super easy with great public transport, so you can enjoy a contemporary lifestyle with all the cultural events, places to eat, and job opportunities right in the heart of Barcelona.

Poblenou used to be all about industry, but now it's getting a makeover. Old factories are turning into stylish lofts, and there's this cool beachfront park and easy access to the beach for anyone into surfing, volleyball or just chilling by the sea. The neighbourhood's become this creative and techy hotspot, attracting a bunch of expats, young pros, creatives, and entrepreneurs. And with the Pompeu Fabra University's ICT campus here, it's a hotspot for tech enthusiasts.
It's not all work though. There are some hip cafes, cool galleries, and the Disseny Hub with the Design Museum of Barcelona to check out. Plus, it's really family-friendly with its calm vibe, community feel, and loads of parks and beaches nearby.

You'll find all sorts of places to live, from revamped industrial lofts to modern flats and classic Catalan houses. And it's just a 15-minute metro ride from Barcelona's city centre. So, if you're after a place that mixes beach life with a lively, modern vibe, Poblenou is definitely worth a look – a great spot for both work and leisure.


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El Born

El Born, tucked away in Barcelona's Old City, is this amazing spot that's like stepping into a slice of history with its stone buildings, secret courtyards, and cozy local cafes. It's a real international hangout, with expats from all over creating a friendly vibe. This place has a super hip feel, thanks to its cool bars, restaurants, and shops, but it's also packed with history and culture. You've got awesome museums, like the famous Picasso Museum, adding a bit of a cultural kick.

The neighbourhood's full of character, with places like Plaça del Born and the stunning 14th-century Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. Getting around from here is a breeze with loads of buses and metro stops, so you can zip around the city no problem. El Born is this perfect mix of culture, shopping, nightlife, and history, making it a really unique and popular place to live in Barcelona.


Poble Sec

Over in the Sants-Montjuic district of Barcelona, Poble Sec is this cool, on-the-rise neighbourhood. It's a mix of old and new, creating a really lively vibe. Whether you're into bars, restaurants, or entertainment, Poble Sec's got plenty to offer. You can catch some stunning views from Montjuic Castle, and if you're into art, the Joan Miró Foundation is right there.

It's easy to get around too, with lots of buses and metro options. Poble Sec is known for being pretty wallet-friendly, especially along Carrer de Blai, famous for its tapas spots. The nightlife here is buzzing, the shopping is diverse, and the whole area has this fresh, emerging feel. While it's a bit quieter than some of Barcelona's busier neighbourhoods, Poble Sec has a more local, laid-back lifestyle with family-owned restaurants and plenty of green spaces. And whenever you're in the mood for something more upbeat, the city's more bustling areas are just a short trip away.

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