The Growing Job Market In Barcelona That You Can Easily Fit In

The Growing Job Market in Barcelona That You Can Easily Fit In

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The Growing Job Market in Barcelona That You Can Easily Fit In

Finding a job or planning a new career step abroad in the quarantine may seem difficult for you, but it is not. Even during the coronavirus outbreak, we recruit talents and connect them with multinational companies that are still in action. The job market in Barcelona is still alive and waiting for new employees to enjoy the city. The last part, we all know that, will bring some colour, entertainment, and culture to your life sooner than you expect! We all hope that we will have the freedom to travel abroad and work abroad back at any moment and it will happen for sure! If you are planning to start a new life in Barcelona or have already done the moving part and now looking for a job, you are in the very right article that will explain to you how and where to do it. 

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Active Job Market in Barcelona: Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales, and More! 

In Blu Selection, one of our main clients is Business Process Outsourcing Companies that are specialised in customer service, technical support or sales. They cover a lot of positions in the global business market. To gain a foothold in one of these positions does not require many years of experience if that’s what you worry about. Whether you are a career changer and curious, have already worked as a customer service agent or are looking for a change, you are more than welcome to join our client’s team.

Soft Skills are the New Deal! 

Companies of course are always looking for people with previous experience but let’s be honest: When it comes to these entry-level positions what really counts are the soft skills. No 100 years of professional experience will serve the company if you don’t have empathy, a sense of humour, helpfulness, or the ability to work in a team. A pleasant working atmosphere is as important to our clients as it is to the employees, and everything is based on the soft skills of the people who work in the company. So, if you have no experience so far but are kind, enthusiastic, motivated, willing to learn and show it, we have a lot of options for you!

Dynamic Job Market in Barcelona

The job market in Barcelona is very dynamic. There are many companies looking for new talents to join them every moment, which means that our vacancies change weekly. It is therefore worth checking our website more frequently to find what you are looking for. You may find the perfect position that allows you to have the experience you are seeking to have in Barcelona at any moment. Moreover, as career experts and expats of Barcelona, we understand your value, more than what is written on your CV which means that we will keep an eye open for you to find the job that might be perfect for you whenever it is on. 

Enjoy the Fruit of Your Language Skills

International companies in Barcelona offer various careers in all kinds of languages. Speaking of languages, you’ll quickly notice the internationality of Barcelona outside your company as well, within the city itself. If you always wanted to be in touch with people all over the world, this could be the perfect place for you. Just imagine all the new things you’re going to experience and learn.

Improve Your Career

With so many dynamic companies and start-ups based here, your chances of climbing the career ladder are high in Barcelona. Our clients are looking for candidates who want to develop and contribute to their success. This is always appreciated and rewarded with trust and responsibility. Furthermore, our clients have top-class, international brands with whom they work, which will look great on your resume. The training associated with the job will broaden your knowledge of the global players and will give you a lot of super interesting internal insights. In the end, which company can resist a candidate with working experience abroad?

Experience Abroad is the Key

Let’s talk about something you are curiously wondering right now. You want to have a job in Barcelona, but you have no idea about the salary range and cost of living, so what will be the deal? Let’s face the obvious, you don’t get a luxury life on a customer service agent salary in any company in Barcelona. But as the long-term ex-pats of Barcelona, we see it from a different perspective. We don’t live to work, we work to live. If you are coming from another country you will think that the salaries are either too low or too high. The answer is that the salary our companies offer is absolutely in line with the market and will cover all the costs of a down-to-earth way of life. The cost of living will be high or low depending on your expenses, as in any other city in the world. We all enjoy the experience in the city with nights out with tapas and drinks, meeting with other ex-pats and locals through various activities and still being able to travel around Spain or even abroad within our salary ranges. Experience is what we value most.

Perks of Working in an International Company in Barcelona

If you are not convinced, yet we have more to offer! Our clients value other benefits in addition to the offered salary. They often provide you with various perks such as sports activities, language courses, cooking classes, other team events and most importantly a relocation packages to give employees the opportunity to maintain a good work-life balance. Plus, you always have a chance to prove yourself and get a higher position in the company even less than a year of experience. A job is never enough without its plus sides that add positive value to your life. 

So, Are You Ready to #makethebluexperience?

Take the plunge, and you will see that it will be worth it. Barcelona is full of people who only wanted to stay here for a short time and have been living here happily for several years now, just like us. Just leave us a message and add new opinions on whatever you read online about living in Barcelona. We will be more than happy to share our own ex-pat stories with you and let you discover the secrets of the city yourself.

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