7 Necessary Things You Need to Do When Moving to Spain

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7 Necessary Things You Need to Do When Moving to Spain

Moving houses may be a lengthy and exhausting process, but moving to a new country can be stressful for a variety of reasons. Moving to Spain might be even more frightening for some people, because of the difference in salaries, but don't forget the living conditions you are about to achieve! So, if you always wanted to live an expatriate lifestyle and enjoy all of the fantastic perks of living in Spain, but you're not sure what documentation you'll need once you're there, we've got you covered. Find out the 7 fundamental things you need to do when relocating to Spain to make your life simpler.

1. Apply For A Social Security Number (SSN)

Social Security Number or Número de Afiliación de la Seguridad gives you access to social security services and healthcare in Spain. The social security number is needed to be able to sign a contract in Spain.

Who Needs the Social Security Number?

Anyone who works or studies in Spain is required to have a social security number.

What is the usual procedure?

Social security is generally paid for by the employer. Normally, your future employer can apply for the number for you. If you have already worked in Spain, you will find the social security on an old payslip or can check here.

What are the needed documents?

The only documents you will need for this procedure are: 

  • Passport 

  • TA1 filled & signed by your future employer

You can download the TA1 document here.

Bonus tips on how to complete the full document.

First of all, you should fill in all the fields in Spanish on the first page:

Part 1:DATOS DE SOLICITANTE (personal data)

Punto 1.2: Sexo: put H=hombre/male or M=Mujer/female

Punto 1.3: Put your passport number rather than your ID number

Punto 1.5. NÚMERO DE SEGURIDAD SOCIAL, this one stays empty because this is the request.

Punto 1.8. DOMICILIO, here either you fill in your permanent address in Barcelona or an address of a trusted friend or family member; if you do not have either one of the possibilities, you can fill in the address I will provide to you (please request). The MUNICIPIO and the PROVINCIA would both be Barcelona.


Make sure the second one "ASIGNACIÓN NÚMERO DE SEGURIDAD SOCIAL" is marked with an "X".


make sure "El indicado en datos del solicitante" is marked with an “X”.  

Then you just need to enter your signature.

The other 2 pages should be just filled in with your name and NIE number (if you don't have your NIE number fill in your passport number).

In order to conclude the administrative process, a copy of your valid passport is needed.

If you still have any questions on how to fill out the document please check this website here.

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2. NIE (ID for EU foreigners)

The NIE is a personal, unique and exclusive number that is assigned to foreigners who, for economic, professional, or social reasons, are engaged in activities related to Spain and require identification in this country.

How to apply for the NIE?

The first step when applying for an NIE is to get an appointment as it's often fully booked. You can apply for the NIE by registering for an appointment here

You also need to be aware that you might need to log in several times at different times of the day in order to get an appointment. 

If this procedure is too stressful or doesn’t work out for you, you could also use the help of an agency. Agencies will get you an appointment, will make sure you have the right paperwork and they will accompany you to the office. The costs usually range from 80€ to 100€. 

Here you find some recommended agencies: 

NIE Barcelona 

Just Landed 

BRS Barcelona


What are the needed documents?

  • Official Job offer signed & stamped by your future employer/Signed your contract / Learning agreement  / IDC if already started 

  • NIE appointment confirmation 

  • Passport valid in 6 coming months

  • Black & White copy of your passport valid in the coming 6 months 

  • 12euros cash for the taxation 

Spanish Bank

3. Open a Spanish bank account

Even though it's not required, it's a good idea to have a Spanish bank account even if you're temporarily residing in Spain. Keep in mind that even for a foreigner, Spain's financial system is easy to understand.

What are the 2 types of bank accounts you can open in Spain?

  • A resident account 

  • A non-residents account 

You are free to select the account that you like most. A resident's bank account allows you greater freedom, although a non-resident account is simpler to create. 

What are the needed documents for a Spanish bank account?

To open your Spanish bank account you will need the following documentation:

  • Your  identity card (e.g. your passport) 

  • Your valid Spanish address 

  • Your NIE number 

  • Your employment contract or student card.

What is the cost and is there an online option to open a bank account?

If you were wondering if you could register a bank account online because you detest travelling to the bank or you wanted to do it before flying to Spain, the majority of Spanish banks today provide the option to open an account online.

Moving on each Spanish bank has a different set of fees for opening an account. But on average you will typically have to pay:

  • 12 to 15 euros for a debit card

  • Around 30 euros a year for a credit card

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4. Empadronamiento 

Registering at the municipal hall should be one of your first tasks once you arrive in Spain. By registering at the municipal building, your new community can determine how many people live there and obtain the funding required to offer all inhabitants the most basic services. Your certificado de empadronamiento, often known as a padrón, which you receive after registering will allow you to show your Spanish address for any administrative obligations.

More specifically if you are moving to Barcelona you can check the information below: 

Who can request it?

Everyone should register, regardless of whether they have a residency permit or not. In Catalan, the register is referred to as the padró.

What is it for?

In order to complete immigration processes and use public services, it serves as a confirmation of city residency (education, healthcare, and so on).

How to register and what are the needed documents?

You would need first to get all the documents needed and then request an appointment with the local municipal office closest to your address, for more information click here

Moving on, the documentation that must be provided is usually the following:

  • Contract of flat renting with your name as a tenant 

  • Your Passport 

  • Copy of your passport 

  • Official form "Solicitud de Empadronamiento"

Be aware that the documentation that must be provided varies if the applicant is the owner of the home where they want to be registered at or whether they are a tenant.

CAP Registration

5. Embassy registration

Getting registered at your embassy is the next essential action you must do. This is crucial because if something were to happen to you, your country would be obligated to protect you. Additionally, the embassy acts as a link between your family and the local government and administration. By signing up at your embassy, you will also be able to perform your civic responsibilities, such as voting, etc.

6. CAP registration

The CAP corresponds to the Healthcare centre that you are referred to related to your permanent address (empadronamiento).

You can find the location of your CAP here

How to register and what documents do you need?

To register you will need to go to the reception desk and present the following documents:

  • Your passport 

  • Copy of your passport 

  • NIE 

  • Copy of your NIE

  • SSN / Payslip / IDC

    Moving on, you will also need to request affiliation with a Doctor.

Attention: This CAP is the only one you can go for getting sick leave. 

If you prefer to visit a Doctor from your country you will find the list on the website of your Embassy. Please know that a Doctor from your Embassy list will not have access to provide you with the official sick leave you will have to go also to your CAP.

7. Get the PIN APP

Last but not least in order to make your life easier, is for you to download the pin app. You will need this app for your Taxation declaration in Spain.

You can download the App here.

So now with all that out of the way, it is time for you to pack your bags and enjoy your new life as an expat in Spain by exploring the Spanish city you have always dreamed of. 

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