10 Barcelona Foodies You Should Follow On Instagram

10 Barcelona Foodies You Should Follow on Instagram

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10 Barcelona Foodies You Should Follow on Instagram

The multicultural and diverse nature of Barcelona can be easily tasted in its various dishes. It is no surprise that in the cultural capital of Spain, you can find many different interpretations of Spanish food culture from Catalan cuisine to Andalusian, Galician in all ranges of quality, price, and style. In addition to that, there are countless best quality representatives of Argentinian, French, Venezuelan, Colombian, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Turkish, and many other taste cultures. That’s why it takes a lot of time and individual effort to find the best food places to try to decide favorites unless you use Instagram and follow the famous Barcelona foodies.

If you also start from scratch and google “Best Food Barcelona” keywords every time a friend from abroad visits you, believe me, I know how you feel. Start saving some posts with amazing photos and explanations of the best food places in Barcelona, and you will not regret it next time you need it.

10 Barcelona Foodies You Should Follow on Instagram

Try out the suggestions of these food experts, and then decide your very own favourite places to invite your visitors.

Caution: Delicious Content.

Please leave the website if you are hungry and not available to eat in the next 15 minutes.

Bravas Barcelona

There are many exciting tapas, yes, but the first order is always going to be Patatas Bravas. And we know while a good bravas can change one’s life for better, bad bravas do the same in the opposite direction. That’s why you should follow “bravasbarcelona”, a passionate person about patatas bravas, to find the best ones in the town!

Dona Croqueta Bcn

Just like bravas, croquetas are always the second main guest of beer meetings and nice tapas nights in Barcelona. Although there are different approaches to ways of making croqueta, the best is described by many as crunchy outside and soft inside. However, let’s embrace them all because croquetas are croquetas, and croquetas are just amazing in every shape and taste.

Barcelona Food Experience

Maria’s blog Barcelona Food Experience has been considered as one of the best food blogs about Barcelona, and there’s a reason behind it. She has a great guide for food places in Barcelona divided by neighbourhoods, written very detailed and obviously with a touch of her heart, and with amazing mouth-watering photos. So far, never heard anyone regretting following her suggestions: Barcelona Food Experience is strongly recommended!

o lo comes, o lo dejas! Barcelona

With the catchphrase of “Independent places to eat!”,o lo comes, o lo dejas! giving recommendations for a variety of occasions, restaurants, and food events in different cities of Spain. Check out their hipster route for Barcelona to learn more about food festivals and hip food places!

Barcelona Food Guide

As a part of the foodguideapp providing Tinder-like experience but “just for food and with delicious matches”, Barcelona Food Guide is providing all the best food options in the city for Barcelona foodies.

Bcn Gourmet

For the ultimate gastronomy lovers, Barcelona Gourmet is a must follow. Miguel visits the best restaurants in Barcelona and gives meticulously detailed reviews about. Even only for his iconic images, you should follow Bcn Gourmet right now!

Barcelona Mordiscos

When two Barcelona foodies collaborate and run an Instagram account together, a perfection like Barcelona Mordiscos emerges. Serving everything for the needs of Barcelona foodies and travellers, Barcelona Mordiscos is going to give you cravings for some nice bites!

Appetite and Other Stories

Just like its name refers, Sara invites us to follow her food journey with vibrant photographs and honest captions and to feed our appetites.

Top Food BCN

While it is getting more and more difficult for me to write about these savoury food accounts, here is another visually appealing foodie account where you can learn about all those top attractive food places around Barcelona!

Foodying Bcn

And last but not least, Ariadna is serving a taste of how foodie lifestyle is actually in Barcelona with a lot of insight and tips about the hip food places.

I know exactly how you feel right now:

Then go ahead, treat yourself with some Barcelona bites. Bon Profit!