How To Choose An European Country To Build A Life

How to Choose The Country Where You Should Start Building Your Life

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How to Choose The Country Where You Should Start Building Your Life

Nowadays, it is very easy to change the way we live. Imagine, a hundred years ago, how big of a risk it was to even attempt to change your life. Today, you can easily simulate how a new life would look like in a different country or culture. Obviously, the internet is the one that comes to all our minds. Is there something that Google stills does not know? Possibly not.

Let’s suppose you take the decision of moving to Germany in one month. With all the tools we have access to, you can collect as much data as possible about the culture, weather, job opportunities in Germany and easily imagine yourself waking up to a foggy day, buying a “brezn” in the near bakery and heading to your office in Munich. It is easy if you know where to live, but how to decide the country where you are going to start a new life? Which factors are the most important before you make such a decision? 

We listed some of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a change, for a new life.

How to choose which country to live in for the next chapter of your life?

The Lifestyle.

This can sound broad, but it is one of the main aspects. Make sure that the country or the city you choose is in line with your preferred way of living.

Check absolutely everything in terms of transportation, people’s way of living, options of entertainment, demographic information… You must find several pages with general information especially created for ex-pats and people who are looking for the country as their future home.

The Culture.

Another point that you always should keep in mind. If you know the place where you want to go has big cultural differences, you must expend some time investigating it.

This will keep you safe, informed and will save you from unexpected surprises. Sometimes you will not know if this is something you can face until the real moment but still the more you know the better.

The Weather.

A lot of people consider this a crucial factor when they change their home place. There are various studies supporting the impact of this on our daily mood and personality.

If you are sure you cannot handle the rain and the cloudy cold days, feel free to discard some Northern locations. However, if this is something not vital for you, great places are welcome to receive you with excellent conditions of living. Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin and many more.

On the other hand, if you like the sun and you love being outdoors, the South of Europe has extraordinary options where you can live your eternal holidays. Consider locations as Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Bordeaux…

The Work-Life Balance.

It is always crucial to find a country to live in where you can meet all the previous requirements but at the same time to have a fair balance between your professional and your personal life.

There are some countries taking big steps in this aspect. Probably you all have heard about the 6 and 7 working hours per day in Sweden without decreasing their salaries.

Make sure you find a place where this is a serious matter. Remember It is not just a matter of salaries, but also about benefits, laws, days of holidays per year and much more.

The Main Language.

It is risky to think that your English skills will be enough to go anywhere in Europe. It might be true for some time, but I can tell you, based on my own experience, that you have to make an effort to learn the main language of the country where you live in.

Furthermore, it will be a requirement for you to really get integrated with the society and to show some respect to their people. Besides, it will just open both professional and personal doors.

Consider your previous language skills before choosing a concrete location.

Where to start to build a new life?

You will easily get lost in a lot of information and websites until you start finding some conclusions.

Try to first take a look at the official websites. You will get real information and for sure very useful. On the other hand, specific information will be maybe only provided by locals, ex-pats, and people participating in groups and forums.

This can be dangerous if you take it too seriously. Always remember that some people might have a different perception or opinion and maybe a person with different expectations or background, can confuse you with their statements.

Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups, normally every city/country has a few groups of locals from your home country where they share relevant information. The best of these groups is that people will be in the same situation and normally all the things they post will

have some relevant content for you.

Get in touch with the correspondent entity to get all the necessary information if you need it, and feel free to ask them about your concerns. If they cannot respond to you, sometimes they will refer you to the right entity or person to help you.

Sometimes directly looking for a job will be a good point to start as well. Some companies are not only providing job opportunities but also support and advice to you before you relocate to a new country.

Always Keep in mind what’s important for you and choose which country to live in wisely according to your own goals and life needs