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Why You Are The Perfect Candidate For This Job

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Why You Are The Perfect Candidate For This Job

You are excited about the job opportunity you want to apply for but afraid that recruiters would ghost you? If you are the perfect candidate you won't be easily ghosted. Technical skills aside, recruiters are looking for simple characteristics in their candidates. To be able to show why you are the perfect candidate for having those characteristics you'll need to get their attention first. Before feeling down about your job application process, think about how familiar you are with the daily routine of a recruitment specialist. Step into the shoes of a recruitment consultant to understand how you can stand out from other applicants. 

Aim to stand out in the first steps of a job application 

Recruiter teams review thousands of resumes and have dozens of phone or video interviews a day. Don’t let it discourage you from the beginning though, they often find what they call the “perfect candidate” at the end of the day who might be potentially you. Recruiters usually can feel the matching positive energy, something inspiring about the candidate’s personality and skillset even through a simple phone call if not already while reviewing your CV. When they find those people who can demonstrate their best sides even before the real interview, they start straightly rooting for them. Most often recruiters are right when it comes to understanding the fit between a candidate and a company regarding the needs and the company culture. If you make the impression of a “perfect candidate” from the very start you can see that the recruiters will do their best to get that job you want. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all the work is done already and that the recruiter will take over your job search and do everything for you. 

Hiring processes are indeed very competitive, time-intensive and emotional for everyone involved, including the recruiter. They are working with different candidates across various positions while simultaneously trying to manage their boss’ demands to make the work done. That means you need to show your value during the other stages of recruiters with hiring managers and team members, however, as soon as you are the perfect candidate for a recruiter you will start your recruitment process one step ahead of the others.

Sounds good, right? Then, how can you impress a recruiter during a short phone interview and convince him you are their unicorn candidate for the open position a.k.a. your dream job?

3 characteristics of “perfect candidate” recruiters would like to hire

Being well prepared and not leaving out any details

Always remember to update your resume every time a change in your employment history happens. You will have to tell them everything in terms of skills, past experiences, gaps and career ambitions. I know it seems a bit intrusive, but they will need to know all that’s possible in order to make sure they can present you for that position. So, send them an updated resume if there have been any changes since the last time you spoke. As you may be asked for your work portfolio and references, better have everything prepared and ready. If there’s already a position you’d like to apply for, make sure you go through the job description well and ask if there are points you would like to clarify about your application process in order not to make those common mistakes in a job interview.


Honesty, transparency and reliability

Building trust is one of the most important things. So avoid lying about yourself during job interviews, because they will notice and most likely feel reluctant to present you as they will doubt your honesty. Lying can be tempting in order to fill the lacks in your qualification but this won’t bring you anything good, as even ‘white lies’ can come to light. Try to impress them with your soft skills instead, and try to make a good impression by being honest about your skills and experience, transparent about your expectations from the company you would be working at and demonstrating how reliable you are for the following steps of your job application process and employment.

Showing your motivation and value

Point out why you want that role and what you want from your professional career. Having a purpose is important for recruiters, and even if you haven’t found yours yet, you can explain the reasons why you choose one specific company or role to apply. Recruiters are looking for someone passionate and willing to commit as well as the hiring managers. They will be most likely to present you if you show yourself interested and proactive. Making quick market research, seeing where other talents are working at your level and what they achieve once they are supported in a company will boost your confidence and help you to show your value in your job application process as well.

Perfect Candidate

Are you the perfect candidate we are looking for?

We are willing to be impressed and do our best to help the perfect candidates with their new career journeys. If you are ready to show us your professionalism, honesty and motivation for your career path, we might have your next job here.