3 Key Elements That Will Make Your International Job Search Easier

3 Key Elements That Will Make Your International Job Search Easier

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3 Key Elements That Will Make Your International Job Search Easier

​Finding the right international career opportunity can be pretty challenging at times, and often we go through the whole job search process all by ourselves: Choosing the country that suits both your lifestyle and career ambitions the best; conducting market research; learning the salary benchmark; searching for open positions in fitting companies, and getting ready for interviews.

Phew, it’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Congratulations if you have been doing all of this all by yourself even in the most stressful time of the 21stcentury. Unless you already found the right career opportunity for you, probably you are still looking for a job and this time you should start seeking help for your search.

Whether you are seeking a first working abroad experience or trying to catch the right offer to boost your career, as a recruitment agency specialising in international jobs and profiles, we are ready to help you with your next move.

How? Here’s how we make sure your job search journey is in the right hands with us!

More Support.

Let’s be honest, no one can guarantee that job-hunting will be totally stress-free. However, what a recruitment agency can do is help you go through it with less stress. As a team of experts, we got to learn a lot about the ins and outs of the recruitment process. It is a human process by nature, and we will keep it this way by staying small in size but efficient.

Now think about it, how many times were your job applications left unnoticed, and you felt like you were wasting your time and energy for nothing? Now, keep that number in mind and leave it there to rust because we are not going to add any to it. We know it is not right, and we can assure you that we won’t leave your application unanswered. Positive or not, you’ll definitely hear from us the same day or the following (unless you apply on a Saturday). Not only that, but we will regularly update you on your application status while being consistently available to provide you with all the necessary information and support.

Career Know-How.

You would be surprised to know how many members of our recruitment team started working here without any recruitment or human resources background. And It’s not a bad sign as you may think, though. The fact that we come from different sectors, have various areas of expertise and see diverse corporate cultures drives us to ask more about the recruitment industry. We learn how things work on the fly. No old-school biases, only eagerness to change things for the better, fresh ideas, and goal-oriented consultants. And above all, we are open to sharing our expertise with you because we have time for you.

If you apply for one of our jobs, the good news is that we can already tell you everything about the position’s requirements, offer details, company’s size, location and culture, tricks to rock your interview, as well as your next destination’s best spots. No surprise. We can also provide you with an expert insight about the current job market, up-to-date information we gathered from previous candidates in similar roles, recent changes in the dynamics of recruitment, or even share our own experiences as ex-pats working abroad, absolutely whatever you need. Consult and challenge us to learn more.

Spirit of Expatriate.

A career move has a lot to do with the job itself, but never solely. If you have tons of questions or hesitations about moving abroad or working in an international team, we understand: we all did. Have a look at our team if you haven’t already. We are a bunch of ex-pats who have already taken this step. That’s why we know how working abroad feels, and we are ready to share your excitement and give you the keys to overcoming your fears. We pave the way for hundreds of individuals to move all around Europe every year, including many members of our team. Learning a new culture, gaining new skills and habits, speaking a new language, having a new lifestyle, making new friends and enjoying another version of yourself are only a few of what you will experience. This is the spirit of the expatriate.

From the very start, we will be there to answer your concerns or questions, whether it is about your new position or the destination. If you want to hear more about your next place or to receive some useful interview tips, we already have a nice collection of blog articles for you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you know what to do: Just contact us!

Feeling ready to #makethebluexperience and land that job abroad?

Contact us! 

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