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How to Get A Customer Service Job Abroad

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How to Get A Customer Service Job Abroad

You know how important good customer support is if you also struggle with pre-filled frequently asked questions that never give you what you are looking for, unanswered emails and automated menus directing you to indifferent operators who are not willing to solve your problem. If making this experience better is one of the reasons why you are looking for a customer service job it means you are on the right track. 

Quality and service-oriented customer support matters and companies are aware of that

It is never only about dealing with complaints but to offer quality solutions for the customers. Many companies now want to offer a good customer experience and to have happy customers, therefore, positive feedback for their brand support. While companies are investing their customer experience this much, it’s difficult to say customer service is a profession that might be outdated any soon.

Being a customer service professional means you might be easily employable anywhere by being a part of an international company while you enjoy an experience abroad. They are typically very fast-paced and challenging, which can help to keep you motivated and engaged. They also typically involve working closely with customers and providing them with assistance and support, which can be very rewarding. Now let’s check what these companies look for when hiring and how can you show them you’re the person for that customer service job.

What are different customer service roles?

If you think customer service is only about dealing with angry customers and their problems you might be very wrong. There are more dimensions of customer support service and more job definitions of it than you think. If you think “the classical” definition of customer service is not for you, have a look at the differences between customer support variations.

Customer Support Agent

This is the general one you might know about it. Customer service is a common role for many different scale companies which in need of frequently asked questions, purchase, account, billing or shipping support provided for customers. Your role requires you to be with your customers to help them throughout their journey to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Product & Brand Support Advisor

What about when a potential customer has questions about whether the product or service they are going to purchase is exactly what they are looking for? There you have a product or brand specialist to give you the necessary information about your questions and to close the sale for the company they work with. They provide you with the answers to your questions about the features, prices, campaigns, delivery and exchange issues and contract terms both in the pre and post-sale process. 

Account Management Support Agent

If you are working for an online service company account management is a highly needed service for your customers. This role will include queries about subscriptions, account details and contracts and regular check-ins with customers to ensure their customer comfort. Think about all the user experience problems you face while using a digital service and have someone to help you out with them to make your experience better. This is why providing and receiving proper account management support is crucial. 

Technical Support Agent

Technical support can be seen as another profession but is still highly related to customer support. This role is for people who already know or going to be trained to offer solutions to a specific and complicated product or service. The service provided here requires a deeper knowledge of the technical problems that customers might come up with such as troubleshooting any malfunctions in the digital service the company provides.

As you can see, a customer service job is an essential part of digital services to help customers with their problems with the products and services your company provides. The good part about the customer support service is that you can find a company in your own interest such as your favourite beauty products, games, electronic devices, clothing brand or software company. This allows you to find joy and motivation in the service you provide because in this way you become super-knowledged about your favourite product or service and plus you help like-minded people. Now, the question is how can you get a job in customer service? 

Customer Service Job

What skills are needed for a customer service job?

The reason there’s a chance that you can nail a job interview for a customer service position so easily and at the same time there’s also a high chance that you’ll not get the job even with previous experience is because it’s all about soft skills. Companies want competent agents who are going to provide high-quality customer service which requires a set of soft skills that you either have or not regardless of your previous experience. 

The 10 essential skills that companies are looking for in customer support agents are: 

1 – Empathy

2 – Communication Skills

3 – Patience

4 – Organisational Skills

5 – Adaptability 

6 – Positive Attitude

7 – Problem-solving Skills

8 – Reliability

9 – Professionalism

10 – Willingness to Learn More

If these skills arise questions in your mind like “yeah, everyone has them, no?” then you might be the right candidate for us. The next step should be giving everything you got and showing your skills for the support job you are looking for in your CV and future role-plays and interviews. You are expected to show your positive attitude, communication skills and attention to detail to outshine the competition in the first round. You should underline how you excelled at helping people in your previous job experiences, volunteer jobs or during your education. This will show your patience, compassionate attitude and empathy.

Another thing which is quite important when it comes to customer service jobs is showing that you don’t underestimate the role of others who have no idea about the complexity of customer service roles and demonstrate your motivation and willingness to learn from your experience. Don’t forget that writing your e-mails and CV as clean and organised as possible will be a critical part of your application since it’s expected for customer service agents to have good organisational skills. Try not to miss your scheduled interviews and handle your tasks at the given time to show you can be a reliable candidate and give your best to solve unexpected problems that you can face during the process. 

If you have any further doubts on why these skills are important you may want to read this article about entry-level job skills. After you get your customer service job abroad you will even develop your soft skills further. Let’s remember, customer support means customer satisfaction and comfort which is one of the most important things to achieve for any kind of company to survive. You will be needed and an important part of the company's success, be confident and nail your customer service job search!  

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