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August Might Be The Best Time to Apply for A New Job

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August Might Be The Best Time to Apply for A New Job

​It’s true that there are certain months the labour market peaks in terms of applications or gets as dry as the Sahara. Global pandemic altered our recruiter instincts about those times but this year's quarterly analytics show that we are going back to the natural state of jobseeker activity. This means that the holiday seasons, like Easter, August and Christmas times will be the less active moments for job applications. Here’s why, as a job seeker, you should follow the opposite trend to maximize your chances of landing the job you dream of. August might be the best time for you to nail your job application.

You have the time to focus on yourself, FINALLY!

Holidays are for relaxing, taking the time to disconnect from the work days, weeks and months and finally spending more time with your loved ones - most importantly with yourself. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have time for contemplating your career though. In the chaos of an ordinary workday where you spend at least 8 hours in front of a screen and most probably feel completely drained afterwards, it’s difficult to save some energy to make a change. For big changes like the career one we are talking about, you will need to have the big bang energy and spend some time to make it happen. 

That’s why actually the vacation time sounds like the perfect time to start your job search. You should take your time to reflect on what you want to do and how to get there when you are actually relaxed. Taking this time for a better future won’t feel like you are missing out on your holiday time, on the contrary, you will most likely be very motivated. In the meantime, you can also utilize some pool time to practice for your job interviews. Win-win!

Not every recruiter is on vacation but they might be less busy indeed

In Spain, for instance, many local companies are officially closed during August but most international companies don’t follow this trend. Yes, some of us will be on holiday personally (it’s summer!) but you will find a recruiter team fully operating wherever you apply to. In summary, don’t assume that no one is hiring but safely presume that the competition will be less than usual.

It’s your time to outshine the competition as you deserve and finally appear on the first page of a recruiter's inbox. There might be fewer applications during this time and recruiters mostly focus on building their pipes for the following months which means that they won’t ignore your application, as they shouldn’t. Send your application and reserve their attention and time! 

Job Opportunities

Secure your job before the hiring surge of the last quarter of the year

Companies ideally want to fill your important positions before the last quarter of the year. September is known to be a great hiring peak for many companies and it can be more competitive than you could think of. It’ll take more time and effort to be visible among the competition and might consequently take longer to hear back from recruiters.

You probably thought earlier that “I won’t leave my job before my holidays”. Exactly, while you are already disconnected from the current one, it’s finally time for you to channel your energy to a new one. Don’t waste your time and apply for the job you saved but felt hesitant to apply because of your holidays. 

Get your CV ready, start your job search, prepare for your interviews and start your new career adventure as soon as possible. Got any questions? That’s why we are here to help you.

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