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Welcome to the crazy world of job hunting, my adventurous amigo! Here at Blu Selection, we've got you covered when it comes to finding a job abroad, whether you're searching for your first work experience or want to find the perfect next career step abroad. 

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Looking to spread your wings and explore jobs abroad?

We're your trusty sidekick in the job search journey, ready to assist you every step of the way. Our website is a treasure trove of valuable resources and opportunities for job seekers like yourself. From insider tips to job search strategies, we've got your back.

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    The Blu Experience.

    No time to lose. After screening your application, we immediately let you know if you are a potential match for the position. If not, fear not! We'll explain why and explore alternative vacancies that might be an even better fit than what you initially had in mind.

    But that's just the beginning! The next step is all about getting to know you on a deeper level. We want to understand your unique needs and preferences, allowing us to match you with a company culture that's an ideal fit and presenting you to our clients in the most spectacular way possible.

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    We'll be there for you.

    Now, the most exciting part: the interviews. Once the company shows interest in your profile, they'll conduct their own interviews with you. But hold up, don't think we're done with you just yet! We'll stick around like your personal cheerleaders, providing continuous support until you secure the job of your dreams. And guess what? We'll even be there for you after that!

    Tell us, how did the interview go? Can you picture yourself working there? We value your honest feedback about your initial encounter with the company. If the experience wasn't quite up to par, no biggie! We can always go back to square one and start the journey again.

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    Time to move.

    Let's explore the possibilities that lie ahead. In the best-case scenario, we'll celebrate together, sharing the excitement and keeping each other informed every step of the way, especially during the big move. However, if things don't go as planned, we'll shift our focus to areas for improvement, prepare the next application, and get ready for another amazing opportunity!
    As proud matchmakers, we take immense joy in connecting you with your new company. We're itching to hear all the juicy details about your new experience! Give us a call or shoot us a quick email to share your story. We simply can't get enough of our candidates' inspiring tales!

Blu Values


We are all about supporting you every step of the way and making sure you always know where you stand. And we don’t just talk the talk.


Our team of international recruiters have got their fingers on the pulse of the recruitment world and know how to use that market knowledge to match the absolute best candidates with companies.


We know that there's so much more to recruitment than just a boring old CV. We're all about giving quality recruitment services to both businesses and candidates alike. 

Did you already hear about our partner website? NO?

Then it's time! We have created a German Hub just for you. Find German blog articles and all our German blu selection jobs in one platform and apply directly.

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You are much more than your CV.

While your CV holds importance, it doesn't define who you truly are. At Blu Selection, we're committed to getting to know you on a deeper level. We want to understand your unique needs, dreams, and aspirations so we can connect you with a company where you'll be a perfect cultural fit.

Join our vibrant job seeker community and let's chat about how your next move isn't just about career advancement; it's an opportunity for personal growth and an exciting learning curve.

Meet Your Recruiters.

We are as personal as it can get. Our expertise and experience are not downplayed by our personalities. But we do pride ourselves in being a completely international recruitment team that is ready to change the recruitment scene.