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Work abroad with the right international career opportunity.

Your international job search starts here.

Connecting multilingual jobseekers with international companies is what we specialize in and we are more than ready to help you with your next career move. Whether you are seeking a first working experience abroad or trying to catch the offer that will boost your career, Blu is here for you.

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Feeling ready to
and land that job abroad?

From the very start, we will be there to answer your concerns or questions, whether it is about your new position or the destination. If you want to hear more about your next place or to receive some useful interview tips, we already have a nice collection of blog articles for you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you know what to do: just contact us!  

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    The Blu Experience.

    No time to lose. After screening your application, we immediately let you know if you are a potential fit for the position or not. In the latter case, we explain why and try to come up with an alternative vacancy that might even be a better one than what you were initially looking for.

    The next step will be to get to know you better to understand your needs and preferences which will help us to come up with the ideal job offer and company culture for you. Learning more about you will also allow us to present you to our client in the best way we can.​

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    We'll be there for you.

    Now, the most exciting part: the interviews. If the company likes your profile, they will conduct their own interviews with you. However, if you think you are done with us, you are wrong. We will closely follow up with you until you land the job, or not, and even after.

    How was your interview? Do you see yourself working there? Gathering your honest feedback after your first encounter with the company is important to us. If you didn’t enjoy the experience, we can always go back to the first step and start over.

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    Time to move.

    Now, there are two possibilities. Best-case scenario: we celebrate together, share the excitement, and keep each other informed until and during the big move. Otherwise, we focus on the areas for improvement, prepare the next application… time for another opportunity!

    We will be proud matchmakers by being the ones connecting you with your new company and we want to know all the details about it!  Give us a call, drop us a quick email and share your new experience. We just can’t get enough of our candidates’ good stories!

Blu Values


Nothing shady from our side. Our communication is clear and consistent. We always keep you up-to-date with any changes or doubts regarding the ongoing processes and expect the same from our partners. Transparency is the key.


Been there done that. We come from different backgrounds but ultimately became experts in recruitment. We follow industry trends, deepen our market knowledge and learn new technologies to deliver you the best advice and results.


We are so much more than CVs, so are our candidates. We prioritize giving quality service to both our clients and candidates by assessing their needs and preferences in the first place. No shortcuts. Quality solutions follow that.

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You are much more than your CV.

Your CV matters but not more than who you are. We want to get to know you better, understand your needs and connect you with the company where you will be a culture fit. Join our jobseeker community and let's talk about how rewarding your next move can be for your personal learning curve and career.

Meet Your Recruiters.

We are here to tell you everything about our positions’ requirements, offer details, company size, culture, tricks to rock your interview, as well as your next destination’s best spots. No surprise. With an expert insight about the current job market, up-to-date information we gathered from previous candidates in similar roles, recent changes in the dynamics of recruitment, we will provide you with every information you need, even share our own experiences as expats working abroad. Consult and challenge us to learn more!