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How to Grow Your Salesforce Team

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How to Grow Your Salesforce Team

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, companies across Europe are increasingly turning to Salesforce to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and boost operational efficiency. However, harnessing the full potential of Salesforce requires more than just powerful software—it requires a team of skilled professionals who can navigate its complexities and tailor solutions to meet specific business needs.

Whether you're a startup in Lisbon or a multinational corporation in Berlin, assembling a top-tier team of Salesforce professionals is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. Let’s have a look at which options you have to grow this team of Salesforce experts including real-world insights to guide you.

Find Salesforce Talents by Yourself

Looking for Salesforce talent the traditional way? We won’t judge, although, as a specialised recruitment agency we can tell you that you will save a lot of time, nerves and money by getting professional recruiters to do this job for you. 

Still want to do it alone? Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Be clear about what you NEED and what you WANT

  2. Write a convincing job description to attract top-notch talent

  3. Post your job ad on different job boards and platforms

  4. Start active sourcing on Linkedin and CV databases to directly approach talent

  5. Once the applications start flowing in it’s time to conduct interviews, assessment tests and check the technical skills

  6. Once a suitable candidate is found the admin part of drawing up a contract and arranging everything for the new arrival starts

You see one new hire includes many little steps that all together can be very time-consuming.

So let’s try to bypass that by going a more current and typical way.

Working with a Recruitment Agency to Find New Salesforce Talent

In a market as competitive as Salesforce, it’s important to draw the best possible talent to your business. And that’s where recruitment agencies come in to give you expert support:

  1. Recruitment Experience:Recruiters know what it takes to write a compelling and optimised job description that draws attention from the right people and puts your company in the best light.

  2. Strategic Advertising: In a crowded market creativity is key. Simple posting on standard job boards like Linkedin doesn’t cut it anymore. Recruiters have their tricks, and frankly, also the volume and budget to spread your job ad in more baskets.

  3. Active Candidate Sourcing:  Pro-activity is key. Recruiters will start an active outreach within their network to find talent with the right skills and experience for you. This approach allows them to tap into a larger pool of qualified candidates.

  4. First Interviews: Let expert recruiters act as the first filter. They will do the initial screening and interview to ensure the candidate meets all your requirements and also shows a great interest and team fit for you.

  5. Now you come in:Get to know your preselected finalists and make your pick. It’s as easy as that! No job board fees, no time spent on mismatched candidate profiles.

Looking for new hires to start your Salesforce team? We can help you out!

Blu Selection is a recruitment agency in Barcelona specialised in multilingual talents working abroad. Like this, we have connections to the best talents across Europe and can ensure you the perfect fit for your team and requirements.

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Train Existing Team in Salesforce

Another cost-effective alternative is training your existing staff on Salesforce. This bypasses the hiring process and the tedious onboarding time. A plus is, that you already know the team fit of your employees and can also position yourself as a more attractive employer by offering career growth opportunities. Sounds like a dream, right? Like anything in life also this option has its disadvantages and we want to be realistic about them:

  • Time-consuming:training your current staff will not result in immediate expertise and fast-moving progress as an external hire could bring. 

  • Coaching Cost: you will have to look into contractor coaching to offer proper training and smooth onboarding for your staff.

  • Select the right people:Selecting the right people for this career path is vital. Cross-training will show more success in this point, like this, you can leverage existing knowledge in for example Java, SQL or other CRM platforms

So knowing the pros and cons of training your own staff, now is your time to make an educated decision as to what fits best to your company. And we are saying “what fits best to your company” because every company is different and every team will need a different approach.

Working with a Salesforce Contractor or Freelancer

Your third option is hiring a Salesforce freelancer who can integrate themselves into your business. This is an easy and fast solution to get salesforce experience into your team for a smaller budget. The plus side is, that you get to choose exactly the speciality of the person and are not bound to anything. This can help you figure out what it is you actually need from a salesforce specialist and how many working hours need to be dedicated to this task. Hence can you train an existing team member to do this part-time or do you need an experienced professional full-time? Whatever, the outcome is, working with a contractor or freelancer can help you discover what it is you really need and get you going at the same time. 

Let’s Wrap it Up

Salesforce is an important and very versatile software that can up your business in many ways with its different products, such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and much more! Now is the time to ask yourself in which way you want to integrate Salesforce into your business and to what extent you might need a full-time new hire, a freelancer or if you take the chance to train your existing employees. All options have their advantages and whichever one you choose will be the right one for your company and use case.

Looking for new hires to start your Salesforce team? We can help you out!

Blu Selection is a recruitment agency in Barcelona specialises in multilingual talents working abroad. Like this, we have connections to the best talents across Europe and can ensure you the perfect fit for your team and requirements.

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