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Dreaming of Working in Portugal? The Most Trendy Jobs For English Speakers!

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Dreaming of Working in Portugal? The Most Trendy Jobs For English Speakers!

Hi there, job seekers! Are you trying to find fantastic job opportunities in Portugal for European language Speakers? We have turned Portugal’s job market upside down to find you the best jobs and sectors to work in as an international in Portugal, which mostly require German, Dutch, or Nordic language PLUS English.

Understanding the Job Market in Portugal

The tourism, technology, and renewable energy sectors are among the fastest-growing in the nation. Furthermore, Portugal is a desirable location for foreign businesses due to its geographic placement inside Europe. Lisbon, the country’s capital, is a major centre for employment in the customer service industry, which includes a wide range of industries like banking, social security, public services, tourism, hospitality, marketing, and advertising. Especially the IT industry has seen a significant rise in recent years. Given the fact that the technology sector is one of the fastest expanding in the nation, employment should not be difficult for people with the necessary qualifications and abilities. On the plus side, all these jobs require English or even another native language such as German, Dutch, French etc. 

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Why You Should Choose Portugal

English speakers now have more options in the employment market, especially because major corporations are starting to establish themselves in Portugal. Everywhere you look, there are several excellent work prospects. Speaking English is essential, but it's even better if you can also speak other European languages (German, Dutch, Scandinavian languages, etc.).

Customer Service

Customer Service is a great job to finance your gap year or to help you set foot in Portugal. It typically requires no previous experience and focuses mainly on soft skills such as strong communication and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, this job requires a native level of a European language. Especially German, Dutch and Nordic Speakers are high in demand. Customer Service can be your stepping stone to kick-start your career in Portugal and grow within the company to team leader positions. Meanwhile, you get to explore a beautiful country, work in an international team and enjoy all the perks companies have to offer (e.g. relocation packages). 

Here is what your day-to-day as a customer service agent could look like:

  • responding to Inquiries: Answering customer inquiries via phone, email, or live chat regarding products, services, orders, or general information.

  • Resolving Issues: Addressing customer complaints or concerns efficiently and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Processing Orders: Assisting customers with placing orders, processing payments, and tracking shipments.

  • Providing technological Support: Analyzing technological problems with goods or services and offering detailed instructions for fixing them.

  • Managing Returns and Exchanges: Facilitating returns, exchanges, or refunds according to company policies and procedures.

Job titles to be searched for: Customer Representative, Customer Support Specialist, Customer Service Agent

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In the growing Portuguese market, sales roles are increasingly common and attract talent from a variety of backgrounds, including those who do not speak Portuguese. The attraction is that the focus is on soft skills rather than language skills, making this a compelling career option for locals and foreigners to consider.

Here is what a day in Sales could look like:

  • Assisting Customers: Providing support and guidance to customers who have questions about products, services, or their orders.

  • Taking Care of Business: Dealing with complaints or issues raised by clients over business dealings, such as misplaced orders, inconsistent invoicing, or delayed deliveries.

  • Upselling and Cross-selling: Identifying opportunities to recommend additional products or services that complement or enhance the customer's purchase.

  • Processing Orders: Assisting customers with placing orders, processing payments, and updating order information as needed.

  • Following Up: Following up with customers after a sale to ensure satisfaction, gather feedback, and encourage repeat business.

Building strong customer relationships is the key to long-term sales success. To exceed targets, you should set clear goals and keep learning. Good task management is essential as it helps to build better customer relationships. Remember that prioritizing these tasks in sales is key to achieving the goal of building customer relationships.

Job titles to be searched for:Sales Representative, Recruitment Consultant, Key Account

Technical Support

Technical support professionals are in high demand in Portugal, especially if you speak English and other European languages. Here your skills at solving problems with computers and other technical equipment will come in handy. So if you are good with technology and speak English, you will find many opportunities as a technical support specialist in Portugal.

Here's what you'll need to do in this position:

  • Technical issue debugging: involves identifying and fixing faults with software, hardware, or networks that clients have reported.

  • Offering Remote Assistance: Giving clients access to remote assistance by phone, email, or live chat in order to walk them through troubleshooting procedures and fix technological problems.

  • Escalating Complex Issues: Determining whether problems need to be forwarded to engineering teams or higher-level technical support in order to be looked into and resolved further.

  • Software Installation and Configuration: Helping clients with hardware or software application installation, setup, and configuration.

  • Providing Product Knowledge: Assisting clients in making well-informed selections by offering comprehensive details about the features, functionality, and compatibility needs of products. 

Job titles to be searched for: Technical Support Specialist, Customer Support Representative

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Wages and work conditions in Portugal

In Portugal, most people work 8 hours a day, adding up to 40 hours a week. On average, they earn about 1,100 euros per month. However, how much you make can change depending on which area you work in and what skills you need, especially language skills. Based on our experience and data we have created a salary benchmarkfor you where you can see the difference in expected salary for different positions and in different languages. 

Ready for a new adventure? 

Portugal's job market is calling! Check out job listings, attend networking events, and seize the opportunity. Whether you're an English speaker, Dutch, German or pretty much any other European language, Portugal has something for you!

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