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Best Places To Live In Barcelona or Near Barcelona.

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Best Places To Live In Barcelona or Near Barcelona.

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain, but it has a population of just over 1.7 million people which makes it more like an intimate European capital than a sprawling metropolis. It’s also one of Europe's most visited cities because it has a lot going on! There's so much to see and do here from beautiful beaches and stunning mountains, to ancient ruins and modern architecture. It has been consistently ranked as one of the most livable places on Earth by The Economist Intelligence Unit for several years running. So, it´s no surprise that It’s also a great attraction for expats living and working in Barcelona. There are plenty of international schools for your kids, English-speaking medical services and many available International jobs here.

Where do expats live?

Barcelona is a popular expat destination for many reasons. It’s an incredible city with a healthy economy, so jobs are plentiful. The weather is great year-round, and the city’s architecture is beautiful. But there are certain parts of the city that have better living conditions than others—and it can be difficult to figure out where you should live as an expat.

Fortunately for you, we've done all the research on what areas have what you need. Plus If you are already planning to move here and you need a full Barcelona Guide we got you cpovered as well all you need to do is click here.

Best Areas to live?

Once you’ve figured out where to live, keep in mind that Barcelona has a variety of different areas. Each one offers its own unique culture, so there are plenty of places to choose from.

  • Gràcia - It is known for its abundance of trendy bars and restaurants, as well as its thriving arts scene. If you want to live in an area with lots of culture, this may be the place for you! The neighborhood, which is in the city's north, resembles a tiny village inside of Barcelona. Its popularity is not solely attributable to the quarter's authenticity. More and more people prefer to reside there over the center districts because it is considerably less touristy while yet being a highly well-connected and developed area with a large number of businesses, services, and cultural¡ and recreational opportunities.

  • Eixample - It is known for being more upscale than other neighbourhoods in Barcelona. It is in the center of the city and provides not only the finest accessibility to services and amenities, as well as the best location and transportation options, but it also has a distinct mood and vibe that are unmatched throughout the entire city. It's also home to some beautiful architecture—if you love buildings like Gaudi's Casa Batlló then this would probably be your top choice!

  • El Born - It is located right next door (literally) from La Rambla street which makes it extremely convenient if you plan on spending a lot of time exploring downtown Barcelona during your stay here! There's also a lot going on here too: festivals happen regularly throughout summertime which makes this area even more vibrant than usual during those months when tourism picks up again after winter break ends at local schools across Europe especially since many come here specifically because they want something exciting.

  • El Poblenou -It is nowadays a very diverse, tidy, and peaceful neighbourhood to reside in Barcelona. With numerous metro and bus lines, Poblenou is very well connected to the rest of the city. There are many different locations to dine, drink, and shop along Rambla de Poblenou. It's also crucial to note that it is situated not far from some of the finest beaches along the Barcelona coastline.

Safest Areas in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the safest cities in Spain, and you'll be pleased to know that most of your time will likely be spent in areas that are well-lit and populated by locals. However, if you do want to venture into some less-safe areas, here are a few suggestions:

  • Poble Sec - A mixture of old buildings with modern additions (such as the newly opened Miro sculpture museum) makes Poble Sec an interesting place for both tourists and locals alike. Be sure to visit during one of its many festivals—one day each month there will be live music performances throughout this neighborhood!

  • Gràcia - If you're looking for somewhere quieter but still filled with history then try Gràcia, this part of town has seen many changes over time but still retains much of its charm today due to its narrow streets lined with traditional residences called cases de colom (literally meaning "households").

  • Les Corts - It is a bustling residential, business, and university district with excellent transportation links to the airport, train stations, and city center, is situated just past Eixample and Sants. Les Corts has two distinct sides: a modern side that features high-rise office buildings and contemporary shopping malls, and a more historic side that can be seen around the Plaça de la Concrdia where the magnificent Modernist building, Can Deu, is located.

Near Barcelona

Where should you live near Barcelona?

There are dozens of neighborhoods within Barcelona itself, but if you want somewhere to live near Barcelona that's close by yet quieter than the city center, these are some places worth considering:

  • Sitges - It is a popular beach town located on the coast of Catalonia, Spain. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for both Spanish and international tourists. Sitges is also home to a large LGBT community, which has long been established in the area. The city hosts an annual Pride festival every summer during which there are many events taking place throughout the city including concerts, parties and parades.

  • Tarragona – It is a coastal city in Catalonia known for its beaches, great food, and Romanesque architecture. It’s also a great place to cycle on the beach—the town has more than 70 km (43 mi) of bike paths that wind along the Mediterranean Sea. The city’s hiking trails take you through the Mont-Ras mountain range, which peaks at 1,457 feet above sea level. If you want an adventure-filled vacation that doesn't involve swimming with dolphins or going zip lining through tree tops, just outside Tarragona is Europe's largest underwater lake: L'Aiguamolls de l'Empordà.

  • Cadaques If you want to live near Barcelona, but don't want to be too close to the city center, Cadaques is the perfect place for you! It's a small town in the south of Catalonia that was once a fishing community. Nowadays it's famous for its beautiful beaches and fishing villages. If you're looking for an idyllic seaside retreat with plenty of outdoor activities on offer, then Cadaques might be just right for you! Cadaques has a long history as a popular tourist destination. In addition to its natural beauty; there are lots of great restaurants, bars and shops in town which serve up authentic Spanish cuisine like paella or tapas (small plates). You'll never get bored living here because there's always something new happening: festivals take place throughout summertime

  • Cerdanyola del Valles – It is a city in the province of Barcelona, Spain. It has a population of about 40,000 people and is a small city with lots of green space. It's also near to Barcelona and has good public transportation. If you are looking for somewhere to live near Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Valles might be your best bet!

Is Barcelona a good place to live?

Barcelona is a great city to live in. It's safe, it has all the amenities you need, and it's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy life with good weather and friendly people, Barcelona is your best bet.

Is Barecelona safe?

The answer is yes, Barcelona is safe. It’s a big city, but it has a low crime rate when compared to other European cities of similar size.

The neighborhoods where you should be most careful are those in the outskirts—these are the areas that have seen an influx of immigrants and people who can’t afford to live anywhere else (or don't want to). You will also find many tourists here because they're close to everything else you want to see in Barcelona. This is especially true for Gracia, El Raval, Poblenou and Sant Martí.

Barcelona is a great city to live in. It’s safe, multicultural and has a lot of job opportunities for expats. The weather here is great so you will always want to go outside if it's nice out (which it usually is). For expats moving here, even though there are some challenges you are gonna have to overcome (click here for some tips), one thing you have to worry about the language because most people speak English and if not you can always learn Spanish! So what are you waiting for? Come check it out yourself!

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