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We find the best international talent for your company

Ready for your Multilingual Recruitment Experts?

Hey there! 

Are you on the lookout for some top-notch international talent for your company or startup? Well then, let us introduce ourselves.

We are Blu Selection -  a recruitment agency that knows what’s up!

Our team of expert recruitment consultants are what you were waiting for in your talent acquisition. We take a uniquely personal approach to recruitment, blending seamlessly into your project team, and making sure we find and select the absolute best talent that suits your specific needs. So, what are you waiting for?

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What makes our approach unique?

We don't just search for the right CVs- we go the extra mile to SEO optimize job descriptions, promote job offers, and interview candidates to make sure they're the perfect fit for YOU. During this process we are representing your company, so understanding you and your needs is our highest priority. With this in mind, we can select candidates that not only have the professional qualifications but also the best personality to be a great extension to your team.

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    Expert recruiting

    Our recruiters are absolute experts in the market. Consulting you on current market trends and positioning your job listing in the most attractive way.

    We've got the inside scoop on how to attract and select the top talent out there. We'll only present you with the most qualified candidates who tick all the boxes for language skills, knowledge, and team fit.

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    Effective and Proactive

    Are you in a rush to fill a job vacancy ASAP? No worries, because we are lightning fast and we'll make your urgent job listings our top priority!

    Our international team has loads of experience reaching out to candidates in all sorts of different languages and help address any issues to guarantee a smooth onboarding.

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    We get it - every business is one-of-a-kind, just like you! That's why we at Blu Selection have super agile processes that can be adjusted to your specific needs and individual job listings.

Blu Values​


We are all about supporting you every step of the way and making sure you always know where you stand. And we don’t just talk the talk.


Our team of international recruiters have got their fingers on the pulse of the recruitment world and know how to use that market knowledge to match the absolute best candidates with companies.


We know that there's so much more to recruitment than just a boring old CV. We're all about giving quality recruitment services to both businesses and candidates alike. 
Blu Selection Recruitment Pricing


Do you remember the last service you hired that only billed you after a successful job? Well, you will remember us!

We are transparent and also confident in how we work. That’s why we only charge our clients once a candidate actually starts working and not a moment before. We believe that quality candidates should be the top priority for you and your team, that’s why we also have a money-back scheme in place to deliver just that.

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We are as personal as it can get. Our expertise and experience are not downplayed by our personalities. But we do pride ourselves in being a completely international recruitment team that is ready to change the recruitment scene.